Band Crush: Papi Fimbres


Papi Fimbres left Portland for just under a year to go live in Leipzig, Germany with his wife. Drummer to 23 different projects and dad to a couple cats, he always knew he would be back. Since his return just a few weeks ago, he’s been playing tons of shows wiith his bands like MascarĂ¡s, Dreckig, Sun Angle, and so many more. Saturday night, he’s bringing the heat with his band Orquestra Pacifico Tropical – a nine piece cumbia orchestra. Along with No La La (members of Minden), Michael Bruce (Gran Ritmos), and Daniela Karina the return of the Papi is gonna be fuego.

Papi’s over flowing love for Portland and the music scene is well known. He goes above and beyond to support this city’s creativity. So we asked him to tell us what we missed most about this place, and where the first places were that he ran to when he got off that plane.


1) La Sirenita
La Sirenita on Alberta. We live just down the road from there & REALLY missed Mexican food, real bad. In fact, we ate there two days in a row, ha!

2) Revival Drum Shop
Revival Drum shop, cause it’s an incredible place & I used to work there & wanted to say what’s up to all the homies & I needed drum shit pretty bad as well.


3) The Know
The Know was missed dearly. Not only is it down the road from us but there’s always crazy shows there & the beer flows like water. Germany has a ton of venues but cats don’t play in them every night like we do here. So I really missed seeing live music.


4) Extracto
Extracto was on the top of my list to go to once we set foot on Portland. European coffee doesn’t have shit on us!!! I took a couple of bags of coffee, but we went through that real quick.

5) Home
Our home. We have cats & records, & drums & oh my, our bed. When you’re on a 7 month tour, you end up missing your bed the most. I can’t even count how many different places we stayed throughout our epic journey. Just psyched to be back playing music for all the homies!