Band Crush: Alia Zinn / Blossom / Karma Rivera / Vytell

We Take Holocene is curated by Glenn Waco, a rapper and activist. Longtime Portlander, he dipped down to Southern California several months ago with partner in crime, Alia Zin, to start a total West Coast takeover. Back for a quick visit in Portland, he has gathered together some of the best and underrated hip hop artists in town. Featuring Alia Zin, Blossom, Karma Rivera, and Vytell, tonight’s show is a gathering of female talent. This is the third edition of a Waco + Holocene night, and is perhaps the most interesting and challenging to the Portland hip hop scene.

Nothing has been better noted than how hip hop keeps getting edged out of venues, with places being shut down and ticketed over the years. But the type of energy which Waco has poured into the scene happened with far less note. Battling against the forces creating the New Portland, he started to curate shows that reminded everyone that hip hop is here and it cannot be pushed out. So it only makes sense that this all female night would happen, to make everyone recognize talent that is often unheard, hyper sexualized, or ignored because of gender labels.

Tonight, Waco plans to take a backseat and let these women do their thing. The four of them have performed together throughout the years, most notably at The Thesis show last summer (a hip hop monthly curated by We Out Here Magazine // KPSU and hosted at Kelly’s Olympian) and a cypher organized by Vytell herself. Each artist holds down different corners of the future of hip hop. With Blossom’s well known soulful jazz, Zin’s witchy and aware storytelling, Rivera’s no nonsense bad girl attitude and big bars, and Vytell’s breezy and coy lines, this night is bound to be a night of magic.