Preview: New Zealand Synth Pop Yumi Zouma

New Zealand based synth pop rockers Yumi Zouma debuted their first LP at the very beginning of summer. Coming off Cascine Records, Yoncalla is light and sparkling, with these hidden pockets of tenderness. They lace dreamy vocals over softened disco beats and percussive synths. In a world entrenched in dream pop, Yumi Zouma stands out with their personality and the intimacy of old friendship.

The members of Yumi Zouma grew up together in Christchurch and their friendships are rooted in making music together. But life happens, and the group moved apart to different corners of the world – Paris, New York. Their first EP was cobbled together across these stretched out lives in 2014. But the power of the group was obvious, they were selling out albums before they ever even played live. Soon after the release, they were invited on tour with Chet Faker and Lorde. Travelling the world left little time to write a new album, but Yoncalla was written on a three week break in Paris, where the group could finally be together and write without the chaos of touring. Born out of the collaborative process between old friends, Yoncalla is gentle, heartbreaking, and sweet.

Catch Yumi Zouma playing this Thursday night with dreamy, jangly pop group Azul Toga and Portland babes Calm Candy. Presented by Mississippi Studios. Tickets are still available.