Forces At Work: Renee Young, FRENDS Headphones

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Realizing a disconnect between fashion and function in the world of headphones, former professional snowboarder Keir Dillon founded FRENDS in 2011. With today’s woman in mind, Dillon reverse engineered everything about the traditional headphone, creating an accessory unlike any other that fuses aesthetic and sound quality. And having been brandished by the likes of Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Snoop Dogg, it’s safe to say they’re catching on. We chatted with FRENDS’ Global Marketing Director, Renee Young, about the mission and future of the company and what’s currently on her playlist. 

What has been the mission of the company and where are things headed?

Through electronic accessories, FRENDS connects and collaborates with our community to foster creative empowerment. By breaking the conventions of personal audio products, FRENDS creates purpose-driven and highly coveted everyday sound tools that defy the expectations of function, versatility, and style. FRENDS will continue to create products that seamlessly connect and solve the problems of our ever-changing global landscape. FRENDS is constantly innovating our products and we can’t wait to bring you our Audio Jewelry Collection! 

What is your role with the FRENDS brand and company? 

I head up the marketing and partnerships within the company, but since we are only 4 people in our office, I wear many hats!

What most excites you about your job?

My favorite part of my job is that I get to meet new people, interact with our community, and be creative. Work isn’t really work because I have fun with it.

We see that your headphones have been on Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Britney Spears and even Snoop Dogg! Who would be your dream set of ears to place a pair of FRENDS?

I would love to be able to work with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and CL. These women are all music icons of mine who also have incredible and distinct styles. Can you imagine a custom headphone made for each one of them?!

Fashion and Music are a pair for the ages, and FRENDS has done many killer fashion collaborations. Right now, who or what inspires you in the current fashion landscape? 

I always love designers who are not afraid to have a point of view that might be a bit different but when you wear their clothes, you feel confident. My favorites are Alexander McQueen and Jeremy Scott.

Your company recently showcased on SHARK TANK! That is exciting, how was the experience for FRENDS?

The experience was both humbling and eye opening. It helped us immensely to receive some tough criticism as it gave us ways to strengthen our business.

Last but never least, what is on your current playlist?

Claude Von Stroke “Aundy”

Maya Jane Coles “Everything”

Kungs vs. Cookin’ on 3 Burners “This girl”

And I love this oldie – Miley’s “We Can’t Stop”