Preview: Orchestra Becomes Radicalized

Chicago-based writer and musician John Niekrasz (of Why I Must Be Careful) makes his return to Portland on 11.30 to conduct his second annual musical extravaganza, Orchestra Becomes Radicalized, live at Holocene with support from Visible Cloaks and the Ian Christensen Quartet.

Nothing against traditional orchestras happening here, but a quick look at who Niekrasz has enlisted for the performance and one might agree that this ensemble is indeed very much radical, culturally speaking. The inimitable supergroup includes some major players in Portland’s music community, featuring Holland Andrews of Like A Villain on vocals + electronics, Luke Wyland of AU on keys,  Brian Mumford of Dragging an Ox Through Water on guitar + electronics, Sage Fisher of Dolphin Midwives on harp, vocals + electronics, Jonathan Sielaff of Golden Retriever + Parenthetical Girls on bass clarinet + electronics, Andrew Jones of The Crenshaw on double bass, and Ben Kates of the Creative Music Guild on alto sax.

On paper, the credentials of Niekrasz’s Orchestra Becomes Radicalized are unquestionable. However to fully comprehend the magnitude of the collaboration, one must witness the performance live as it’s only happened once before, and there aren’t any recordings or videos to speak of.

Grab tickets in advance of this monumental performance for only $8 here, and RSVP + invite friends here.