Forces At Play: Lydia Ainsworth

lydiaOn her Sophomore album, Darling Of The Afterglow, Lydia Ainsworth tackles the connectivity between sensation, memory and the limits of destiny. A self-described art fanatic with a background in classical music and film scoring, Ainsworth weaves artful piano composition with waves of dark, ethereal synthesizer, powerful pop hooks and lyrically philosophical musings. Her efforts are perhaps most successful in the album’s lead single “The Road,” a mind-blowingly gorgeous art-pop ballad. The music video for that track, directed by Lydia’s sister Abby, blurs similar lines between classical art and popular culture, juxtaposing elements of Greek paintings coming to life and baroque style dance with a disco nightclub setting. Watch the video below.

Catch Lydia Ainsworth live at Holocene on Wednesday, May 3 with local support from Johanna Warren and Dolphin Midwives. Grab tickets in advance here and RSVP + invite friends here.