Heavy Breather Live at Holocene 5.17

If you’re a frequent listener of Portland’s finest independent radio station XRAY.FM (as you should be), chances are you’re familiar with the funniest thing to hit the airwaves since chemtrails — the dark comedy duo, Heavy Breather.

When they’re not busy with their various musical projects (Sun Angle, Copy, Grapefruit, Xenoxoth, Panther), working day jobs and raising families, Portland’s Charlie Salas-Humara and Marius Libman make up the radio show / podcast personalities of Heavy Breather. Covering everything dark and oddball from de/re-veining shrimp to erotic fan fiction, Frasier Crane to blood disease and everything in between, Charlie and Marius are sure to make you cringe, laugh, cry and maybe even wee yourself just for fun.

Heavy Breather has dabbled in pairing animations with their tawdry banter, and they’ve filmed a couple episodes of “Heavy Breather Tonight” for local access cable TV — which aesthetically lands somewhere between “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job” and “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis” — but they’ve never performed the show live. Until now.

On Wednesday, May 17, join us for the first ever live episode of Heavy Breather, joined by special guests Christian Ricketts and Jason Traeger. Grab tickets in advance here and RSVP + invite friends to the event here.