Preview: Ho99o9 Live at Holocene 5.22

Out of the festering bowels of the New Jersey sewers comes a mutant musical group so repugnant that a mere whiff of said creatures is bound to turn the stomaches of urbanite stiffs, squares and fuddy-duddies alike. Masquerading as humanoid beings, under the legion title of Ho99o9 (pronounced horror), the group sonically lives up to their name, mashing up an experimental cacophony of alternative hip-hop, hardcore punk and glitch. Their live show is equally abrasive and mind blowing. Nudity, on-stage backflips and football-tackle crowd-rushes should not be unexpected.

With a brand new album, United States of Horror, out earlier this month, Ho99o9 are taking their mutant-freak show on the road. Catch Ho99o9 live at Holocene on Monday, May 22 with support from Phoenix-based hip-hop trio Injury Reserve. Grab tickets in advance here and RSVP + invite friends to the event here.