Preview: Sadie Hawkinz with Hustle & Drone, Kyle Craft, Helvetia

Inspired by Al Capp’s classic hillbilly comic strip Li’l Abner, that ran from the 1930’s through the 70’s, the Sadie Hawkins dance has historically reversed gender roles, the requiring ladies to ask the gentlemen to be their date for a dance. Nowadays, gender norms can shove right off, but why not still have a fun lil hootenanny, open to any and all sexual identities and preferences. That’s precisely what we’re doing at the Party Boyz 2nd annual Sadie Hawkinz Dance on Thursday, June 29th. Anybody can invite anybody, so long as you come to dance, love each other and enjoy tasty live music.

This year’s Sadie Hawkinz lineup features the electronic power-pop synth trio Hustle & Drone, along with southern-tinged rocker and Sup Pop artist Kyle Craft, and the cathartic indie rockers Helvetia, featuring members of Built To Spill. There will be a kissing booth (yes, you read that right) open all night, and after the bands finish there will be a dance party into the early morning hours.

Grab tickets to the extravaganza in advance here. RSVP and invite your sweeties here.