Forces at Play: Awesome Tapes From Africa

While in Ghana on a Fulbright scholarship, Brian Shimkovitz fell in love with the cassette culture of the region. Street vendors sold recordings in a myriad of genres from various regions around Africa. From highlife, to African disco, and old left-field soul to local pop recordings, there was a plethora of amazing music at his fingertips.

This newfound passion sparked Shimkovitz to start a blog and record label, Awesome Tapes From Africa, where he could re-release and promote the great music he was finding, splitting 50% of all sales with the artists. Now, beyond sharing access with the world wide web to these limited recordings that would rarely be heard outside of their regions of origin, Shimkovitz also takes Awesome Tapes From Africa on tour, enlightening dance floors across the country.

Catch Awesome Tapes From Africa at Holocene on Thursday, July 6, with a support DJ set by Portland’s own Jason Urick. Tickets are available here. RSVP + invite friends to the event here. Enter to win a pair of tickets here.