Preview: PDX Pop Now! Compilation Release Party

Coming up on their 14th year, Portland’s all-ages, volunteer-run celebration of local musical talents, PDX Pop Now! shouldn’t need any introduction. Unless you’re new to town… But before the glorious, weekend-long festival happens outside AudioCinema later this month, PDX Pop Now! will celebrate the release of volume 14 of their annual compilation at Holocene on Sunday, July 9.

Like the booking of the festival, the compilation selection committee is made up of a group of volunteers from across the music community, who pour through the over 500 submissions to highlight a myriad of styles, diversities, representations and popularity levels. All proceeds from the sale of the compilation go directly towards funding the free annual festival as well as the organization’s other yearly middle school events.

Helping celebrate this year’s compilation, the release party will feature live performances by the carefully-crafted electronic soundscapes of Small Skies, fuzzy indie-pop outfit A Certain Smile and glam-y garage group Fire Nuns. Tickets are available here, and come with a complimentary digital download sticker (available for upgrade to the double disc CD at the merch booth). RSVP and invite your friends to the event here.