Forces At Play: Jlin

Hailing from the somewhat unlikely town of Gary, Indiana, 29-year-old producer Jerrilynn Patton, known around the world as Jlin, is arguably one of the biggest risk takers in dance music. Though she got her start in the Chicago-born genre, “footwork,” that was popularized in the 90s, she’s broken down borders and considers her sounds to be “clean, precise and unpredictable,” or CPU, more so than bass-oriented for nightclub booty-poppin. Instead, she designs her music for the more experimental crowds, for improvisational movements on the dance floor, as beautifully embodied in her breathtaking video for “Carbon 7.”

Jlin’s latest album, Black Origami, has received significant praise since it’s release in May. NPR hails the release as one of the essential albums of 2017 so far. Pitchfork calls her the “Woman Of Steel,” a reference to her hometown’s rich history of steel manufacturing, and obviously her super-hero-like production abilities. Vice Magazine’s Thump says “Jlin is making the most aggressively beautiful music you’ve ever heard.”

On Thursday, August 3, we couldn’t be more excited to host Jlin, presented by Honesty, for an epic night of experimental dance music, with support from Swan Meat and Neybuu. Tickets are available for purchase here. Enter to win a pair of tickets here. RSVP + invite everyone you know to the event here.

Stream Jlin’s Black Origami below.