Forces at Play: Blockhead

Born and raised in New York, veteran producer Blockhead came up from the world of underground hip hop in the late 90’s and early aughts arranging beats and samples for legends Aesop Rock, Murs, Cage, and many other artists associated with the Definitive Jux label. More recently he’s worked with greats such as Open Mike Eagle, Illogic and Billy Woods. But Blockhead’s discography certainly doesn’t stop at production wizard for MCs–since 2004, he’s released 6 full-length solo albums via Ninja Tune, with his 7th album, Funeral Balloons, out September 8.

Throughout his extensive career, Blockhead’s sound has remained consistent and strong as ever, continuing to blaze his own path between the worlds of hip hop and electronic music. Of the self-described “weird” lead single off of Funeral Balloons, “UFOMG,” Blockhead tells HipHopDX he was “trying to tap into more unusual sounds and trying to find melody in things that might not exude that feeling.” Sounds great to us!

On Thursday, September 14, we’re ecstatic to welcome Blockhead to command our dance floor, presented by Abstract Earth Project. Advance tickets are available here. Enter to win a pair of tickets here. RSVP + invite friends to the event here.