Forces at Play: Blockhead

Born and raised in New York, veteran producer Blockhead came up from the world of underground hip hop in the late 90’s and early aughts arranging beats and samples for legends Aesop Rock, Murs, Cage, and many other artists associated with the Definitive Jux label. More recently he’s worked with greats such as Open Mike […]

Forces At Play: SassyBlack

On her latest album, New Black Swing, released on Space Theory Records in June, Seattle-based artist SassyBlack dives further into her unique realm of psychedelic electronic soul sounds, while lyrically exposing a new emotional vulnerability in herself. Musically, there’s no denying that the former member of THEESatisfaction has culled a welcome influence from 90s R&B–from Boys […]

Band Crush: Mordecai

Last winter while on tour, Andrew Endres and his band had all of their gear stollen. Instead of letting the major setback get in his way, the Portland-based, jazz-trained multi-instrumentalist and songwriter buckled down and utilized the hardship as inspiration in writing the debut album for his band Mordecai. Today Vortex Music Magazine premiered the […]

Band Crush: Umii at Holocene 8.17

The Spice Girls knew what was up when they sang “2 Becomes 1.” Sure the song may have been about that thing consenting adults do behind closed doors, but I believe the meaning can be extended (no pun) even further. When two great things come together in collaboration, the outcome generally ought to be exceptional. […]

Forces At Play: Golden Retriever

As the avant-experimental duo of Golden Retriever, Matt Carlson and Jonathan Seilaff have an impressive eight releases under their belt over the past decade. Their latest, Rotations, out on Thrill Jockey Records comes a long three years after the well-received Seer LP, but the duo has been anything but dormant in the interim. Carlson and […]