This Heat

Dec 10, 2014

Get cozy next week with blissful bands Tender Age, Appendixes, and dark duo Warm Hands starting off the local lineup on Wednesday, December 17. Post-punk, post-psych, and folded in fuzz. 

Here's their latest EP for your listening pleasure, Blurred, with bonus remixes by Natural Magic, Soft Metals, Apartment Fox, and more:

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Cosmic Couple

Dec 3, 2014

On Sunday, December 7, we're gearing up for the frenetic, fanciful, and fun energy as a result of the sixth's of a full moon in Gemini - and the two stellar babes of Intuitive Navigation have whipped up yet another interdisciplinary happening, loaded with talent. Think of it as a crash landing site for forward-thinking musicians, dancers, fashionistas, and more, from which to take off and trip the light fantastic. Along with dynamic local acts Ancient Heat and Unicorn Domination, the Intuitive Navigation ladies have lured Peaking Lights to Portland for the night!

The latest from the California-based duo, "Cosmic Logic," is a souped-up version of their sun-kissed vibes. The tracks are brighter, shinier, and more insistent on a groove you can move to. Where their 2011 release "936" put them on the map with languid, dub-influenced neo-psych that makes for good wee hours of the morning lounging, tracks from Cosmic Logic like "Breakdown" (vid below) are drenched with with Afrobeat and Italo disco influences, with body-rocking effects. Don't forget to grab your tickets here:

And for those of you in the want for more context for the moon cycle, here's a tidbit from Chani Nicholas

"Using Gemini energy wisely is using the information we share to bring us closer. It’s letting the information we gather permeate our defenses and help us find pathways to revolutionary acts both internally and externally. It’s gathering facts and being impacted by the weight of their truth. We can all see the images of parents and community members grief stricken and in tears, in anguish, in righteous rage. But unless we look like those that we see, are those images and articles changing anything about how we live our lives?"

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Out of the Blue

Nov 19, 2014

Soul'd Out serves up a pre-Thanksgiving treat for those of you that aren't traveling out of Portland next week - we've got a lineup with up-and-coming Seattle act The Flavr Blue, and locals Tope, Coco Columbia, and DJ 100 Proof on Wednesday, November 26. Featuring Macklemore collaborator Hollis Wong-Wear, The Flavr Blue Trio incorporates a soaring combo of soul and pop, with sultry results. "Hearts Racing" is their latest video:


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It's Your Show

Nov 12, 2014

The legendary indie rock dance party hits Holocene this Friday, November 14. Free before 10:30p! Let's make this inaugural edition of Dance Yourself Clean one for the books. And for some inspiration:

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Serious Business

Nov 5, 2014

Tap into that post-hardcore nostalgia of the early aughts - fans of Thursday, Converge, Glassjaw, The Number 12 Looks Like You and other seminal bands of the time can rejoice in the new onslaught of sonic chaos that is United Nations. Featuring members of the aforementioned bands, this act is here on Friday, November 7, to throttle you with intensity, ferocity, and you know, wailing guitars and vocals. All before the night takes over and you can get to more mischief - because this is an EARLY show, starting at 7pm, with Silver Snakes and Sick Feeling. Get your tickets now! 

Begin tour transmission:

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Dress Up, Get Down

Oct 22, 2014

October is upon is - the rain is here, and Halloween is right around the corner. We think it's more than okay to pre-empt the delightful dress up day, and extend the masquerade to a week instead of one measly night. We're kicking off a thread of Halloween-devoted dance nights and epic parties this Friday (October 24) with DJ Anjali's Bollywood Horror event. Costume contests, five walls of visuals culled from South Asian horror collections, and of course, all the jams from the floor-moving duo DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid.  

Short on costume ideas? Just gonna leave this video gem here for inspiration...

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