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Nov 24, 2015

Summer lives on Sunday, November 29 with the sunshine-kissed, irresistible pop songs of Tanlines (visit their website on the merits of the Neflix-esque layout alone) and the sultry R&B of local act Blossom. We had Blossom ask the boys a few questions in our new interview series called First to Last. Eric from Tanlines chimes in with answers for this edition. 

DJ Bobby D brings the dance party before and during the show. Tickets are available here. See you Sunday! 

1.Where do you seek out inspiration?

I would love to be one of those people who spends their days in museums and libraries but I'm kind of lazy and I listen to the radio and watch movies and tv, so some of it comes from there, but also, writing lyrics, I look for things in conversations, online and IRL. I think the best lyrics are the most conversational.


2. Is your muse a person, place or thing?

All of the above, I don't have just one. My friends and family inspire me a lot. Travel inspires me. Objects less so, but you never know. Describing an object can be very poetic.


3.Fantasy show: Where and why?

Hawaii or Madison Square Garden. Hawaii because I've never been there and bands rarely play there, so seems like a good destination show. MSG I guess because it's symbolic of a certain level of success and it has such a rich history. I've been really into going to arena shows in the last few years. It's a totally different vibe than a club show and people paid a bunch of money for tickets so they really bring it. Since this is still a fantasy, maybe playing on Mars would be cool. 


4. Any songs/videos or movies you'd like to recreate?

Well we always wanted to make a buddy movie slash Spinal Tap tv series. We just need to write it up. It's these two guys, imagine Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, but they're in a band, imagine it's called Sunburn, and I think you can imagine the rest. You'd watch that, right?


5. What makes a Tanlines show something to come watch?

Obviously the experience of a live show is totally reciprocal. We get what we give, and we always try to have a shared experience when the lights go down. We get up there and do our damn thing and try to have the best hour of our lives, every night. We don't always succeed but when we do, it's magic and everyone feels it. On this tour we have a drummer and second guitarist, so it's more fun than ever for us on stage. The best indication is always when a dude comes up to us after the show and says "my girlfriend dragged me here but you guys were ACTUALLY amazing" 

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Buddy System

Nov 17, 2015

On Thursday we celebrate the release of the 8th edition of the Friends & Friends of Friends compilation from local darling record label/handmade goods store, Tender Loving Empire! Formed in 2006 by Jared and Brianne Mees, TLE has been a wellspring for Portland talent in the indie-pop vein, a jumping off point and nurturing home to well loved acts like Typhoon, Y La Bamba, and Radiation City. Of course, the vision for the label doesn't stop at sounds - their store, which now has three locations, encapsulates more lifestyle than label, featuring the work of local artists that specialize in art prints,  clothing, jewerly, housewares, bric-a-brac, knick-knacks, and more. They pride themselves on maintaining a good relationship with their artists and craftspersons, as well as their customers, via charitable giving and sliding scale prices. It's DIY, communal, and yes, quite tender. 

Back to the compilation! Seriously, it's over 3 hours of music from some of our city's finest - totally illustrates the idea that you could throw a rock and hit a musician in this town (but please don't). Stream some of this excellent grip of songs below, and be sure to swing by the show on November 19 for a solid lineup: Loch Lomond, Transistor Send, Bed., Sunbathe (Maggie from Genders), New Move, The Fourth Wall, Catherine Feeny & Chris Johnedis, and Snowblind Traveler. You can still buy tickets here.

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Rare Diagram - Secret Shot Release!

Nov 9, 2015

Rare Diagram is joined by Fur Coats and Coronation on Tuesday for the release of their brand new albumSecret Shot - a dreamy psych and progressive influenced pop album. This debut album demonstrates a wide range of influence and inspiration, both technically and emotionally. We chatted a bit with Justin Chase about how it all came about.

What was your approach for the new album?

     I had all the songs ready as demos before the band formally coalesced, and this record became mutated, full-band versions of those. We were able to record drums and bass over the course of four days at a friend's house/studio in Canada, and we came back to town to record the rest. The rest ended up taking ten months, recording piecemeal on the weekends in people's basements, living rooms, practice spaces, etc. 
     After Canada, the approach was entirely home recording/mixing, and I had a lot of instrumentation I wanted to include outside of the standard rock band format. This often meant taking my MXL microphone and my laptop to someone's house to quickly record them playing trombone, organ, violin etc. in between their busy schedules. Luckily, I was able to get a lot of great stuff because the people I know are awesome at music.
    My overall recording approach was to stave off preconceptions, record a ton of textures and chisel it down into an abstract shape. It took forever; by the end, most of my mixing time was spent waiting for my computer to stop being frozen due to the amount of tracks present. 
The new album has so many complex layers! How do you guys go about translating new work into a live setting?
When we started, we played live as a four-piece, but in light of the recordings we've added a fifth member. Still, not every texture can be accommodated, and I sort of view the studio and the live experience as two different animals. One of the first bands I ever saw live, The Fiery Furnaces, were great at this--their live show acknowledged the complexity of their records by re-translating their songs into more visceral versions. 

You guys recently changed your name. What inspired that? How is Rare Diagram more fitting of your sound?

I think Rare Diagram has a more introspective, twisty quality that prepares people for the listening experience.  We changed membership, had an LP on the way, and we felt like it was the right time for the change. 

How do you think the Portland scene has affected your music? What aspects of it do you find most influential or inspirational?

Most of the music I listen to now is made by people in town, but I don't think we take any overt influence from things happening around us. I feel like the Portland music scene strives to be supportive rather than competitive, which means that I can make the music that I want to make and still find supportive homies who want to hear it.  
What are your plans after the release?  Are you guys doing a tour?
We have some local things coming up throughout the winter, including a Mississippi date with And And And + There Is No Mountain. We have some new music to work on, and no there are no formal touring plans to announce...but stay tuned.  

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The Good Fight, Friday

Nov 3, 2015

On Friday, November 6 we're working with to present the charismatic, engaging MC/producer out of Washington DC, Oddisee. Backed by live band Good Compny, his music is hip-hop gone eclectic - funky, soulful, and filled with thoughtfully-penned lyricism, delivered with a flow that is both stylish and sermon-like. There's a lot of love, intelligence, and exhuberance present in this music that's illuminating Oddisee's climb in popularity as a verstile, interesting rapper. Local favorite Vinnie Dewayne opens this weekend's show. Grab your tickets before it's too late! And enjoy his NPR Tiny Desk concert from earlier this year....

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Jungle Spaceship Ball

Oct 28, 2015

Thursday night we celebrate self-expression with the Jungle Spaceship Ball. An evening curated by Kumari Suraj, a fierce choreographer, trendsetter and founder of the dance group The Waackers, this ball honors the animal and extraterrestrial qualities of vogue and waacking. As a participant, come ready to be judged in one of the many categories: Vogue performances as inspired by mystical and tribal elements, male and female sex sirens, waacking performers with light saber arms, dragking realness, and deep space royalty fancy dress. As a spectator, you are encouraged to come and enjoy but please feel free to express yourself.



If you’re unfamiliar with the world of vogue or whacking, join us for an evening of classes on Wednesday. Acclaimed artist Lorena V from Mexico will be teaching Whaacking classes, followed by vogue femme classes by Dashaun Lanvin from NYC. Fifteen dollars each at the New Day for Arts Center. Admittance into classes will allow you to get into the ball for free.

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HAUS Music

Oct 20, 2015

This Wednesday, we’re celebrating the big, bold, and beautiful PWRHAUS, the local soul-influenced rock ensemble that’s sure to lift your spirits up this Wednesday with their fantastic sounds. It’s the bands album release, and we’re anticipating a great show from the band, having just sharpened their skills on a European tour with Peter Broderick. 

Here's their irresistible, sunshine-drenched theme-park-themed video for their catchy, toe-tappin’ song, “Good Things”. Catch them October 21 at 8:30pm for only $5!

PWRHAUS - GOOD THINGS from Padraic O'Meara on Vimeo.

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