Northwest Neighbors

Oct 6, 2015

We’re teaming up with our neighbors from the North at KEXP to present a great bill of Portland pop: join us Thursday, October 8th for Lost Lander, Hosannas, Tender Age, and DJ Ingmar of Shy Girls!

This show of local luminaries will benefit the stalwart station’s campaign to raise funds for their new home at the Seattle Center (among other Emerald City culture beacons like the pop culture diving Experience Music Project Museum, super rad all-ages venue the Vera Project, and the Seattle International Film Festival). The station is more than tripling the size of its original facilities (8,500 to 27,000 square feet) - plenty of room to expand its collection of vinyl, CD and tapes, as well as make a major upgrade to their live room for their popular series of filmed performances. A treasure trove of videos are on their YouTube channel

The space also comes with exciting prospects for touring musicians: shower, laundry, and storage facilities, so they can roam the city with little worry about leaving their gear sitting in the van. For more details on their upcoming home, see the Stranger’s feature.

Here's Lost Lander's latest full length for your listening pleasure:

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Mothertapes Interview

Sep 29, 2015

This week, we're hosting the album release party/show with local experimental rock duo Mothertapes - celebrating their self-titled debut album on Self Group! Catch them ThursdayOctober 1 with locals Bearcubbin' and Just Lions.  

We checked in with vocalist/guitarist/bassist/synth-dude/computer guy Pete (they wear many hats, clearly) on their latest work and more, below!  

1. Tell us about the recording of your self-titled - how long did it take? Where did you record it? Any surprises, failures, wishful thinking? 

The whole thing was pretty DIY. I've got a small home studio where we recorded everything. Guitars in the basement, drums in the living room... nothing glamourous, but I've been working with my current studio setup long enough that I've figured out ways to work around the limitations on space and gear. The whole thing took about 9 months. The actual tracking didn't take too long, but the songs always evolve a lot throughout the mixing process. I tend to obsess about all off it a bit too much, kind of bouncing back and forth between manic creativity and crippling self-doubt. It's pretty awesome. 

2. Plans after the release? Are you touring, recording more, or something else entirely? 

We're heading out for a tour early next year, and hopefully another one in the summer. We're also gonna get started on the next record as soon as possible. Got a bunch of new songs and we just wanna keep the ball rolling. 

3. What are some of the primary influences for your band, music or otherwise? 

We never really set out with any intentional direction for our sound, we just do what feels right. One of the biggest influences is probably the limitations of being a 2 person band. It forces us to be creative, always experimenting and developing new techniques to create a big sound. Ultimately, I think it makes for more interesting results than we'd get with a full band. And we're always listening to different music, old and new, so the influences come from all over the place, mostIy unconsciously I'd say. I think the main goal has always been to try and do something that's both weird and accessible. We aim to freak people out just a bit, but be careful not to alienate them. We came pretty close to that balance in our old band, Wax Fingers. With Mothertapes, I think we're walking that line more consistently than ever before. 

4. What can you tell us about the cover? Who did it, and how does it relate to the musical content, if at all?

The cover photo is by South Korean photographer Seung-Hwan Oh. I discovered his work online and completely fell in love with it. He lets home-grown microbial fungus eat away at his photos for several months and the results are a sort of unpredictable organic psychedelia. I experimented a lot with different ideas for the cover but kept coming back to that one photo of his. I finally decided to just write him an email. I sent him our record, he was into it, and we worked out a deal. Really happy it came together. I did the rest of the design, tried to keep it clean and simple to really showcase the photo. You can check out more of his work here: 

5. “Do Make Say” is so anthemic - what kind of movie would it be the soundtrack for? 

Maybe something about an underdog bodybuilder with delusions of grandeur? He finally catches his big break, realizes his dreams, but man, it just don't feel quite how he thought it'd feel, and he's like, shit, what was all that for?

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Sep 23, 2015

It’s been easy to fall under the spell of Lorely Rodruiguez, aka Empress Of. Since the enigmatic 2012 emergence of her effervescent “Colorminutes” to the two following EPs, Champagne and Systems, her artistry seems crafted from the stuff of fantasy. The name of her one-woman act is already evocative of a certain regality, and singles like “Don’t Tell Me” are ready for soundtracking flights of fancy with her soaring high notes and washy synths. 

In her latest release, “Me,” her dreamy, airy songs have given way to more daring, dark, and dance-ready tracks that still carry the mark of her distinct vocals, ear worm melodies, and tender, smart lyricism (see: the shifty, snappy “Kitty Kat”). Things have come more into focus for this young and burgeoning musician - and her latest incarnation seems that she’s ever more poised and positioned to augment her sound with precision and ability to craft infectious tunes. 

We’re over the moon to have her on the Holocene stage this Sunday, September 27, playing with ABRA and Golden Donna. Don’t forget your tickets, and in the meantime, enjoy the latest video from this lovely songstress: 

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Teen Dream

Sep 16, 2015

This Wednesday (9/16), the insanely smooth and creative Teengirl Fantasy will perform with features from their new release, Thermal. The duo creates textured and layered jams that explore new areas of dance music, while playing homage to the deep history. Smart and forward thinking, Teengirl Fantasy keeps it interesting while never dropping the groove. 

Doors at 8:30 and $10 dollars to get in. Dylan Stark and Miracle Club DJs open.


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Sunday Funday

Sep 9, 2015

On September 13, indulge in a new series snuggling up to our 3rd Sundays of the month. AMERICAN COMEDY is a free evening of stand up, video, and “life affirming emotions” hosted by Paul Schlesinger, Jason Traeger, and Milan Patel. 
This edition features Amy Miller, recently crowned the winner of Helium Comedy Club’s annual Portland’s Funniest Person contest - the first lady to receive the title - and runner up Bri Pruett, who’s made a name for herself in Portland lively and growing comedy scene as one of Willamette Week’s “funniest five” in 2013, and props from Portland Magazine. 
Check out a great podcast on Dolly Parton featuring Amy, or check your investments with publicly traded entity Mike Merrill (seriously, go to this website), who will be on hand Sunday night with videos to share.

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Queen for a Day

Sep 2, 2015


Hey Bey Hive! 

It's that time of year again to celebrate the Queen, Beyonce. Hope you have been busy with your glue gun cause we will be hosting another costume contest this year!  

Here are my top 5 music video style inspirations:

Haunted - Donning beautifully dark smudged eyes and short old school hair waves, Bey delivers a dramatic goth chic look. Also, that Cruella De Vil Coat is TOO awesome for words! 

Upgrade U - Deliciously decadent. Beyonce drips gold! I think at one point a small crocodile sporting a diamond-encrusted collar waddles past the Queen. You can't get more decked in fashion than that! 

Run the World - Serving post-apocalyptic x couture x multi culti, everything in this video is "Bollywood beyond Thunderdome". 

Why Don't You Love Me - Not one of her most popular videos/songs but one of my favorite because of all the throw back fashion. The highly stylized video gives visual references to Bettie Page and Mad Men’s Betty Draper in an over the top Vogue photo shoot come to life. 

Yonce - Werking it out in an orange Herve Leger bodysuit plus a series of ridiculously crazy good coats, Yonce is EVERYTHING in this video. In addition, did anyone catch the pierced nipples on the very first bodysuit? YEAH the bodysuit itself has pierced nipples.

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