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Jul 30, 2014

Gear up for the bright summer sounds of Brooklyn pop outfit, Miniature Tigers! Hot off the heels of their release "Cruel Runnings" (+5 points for the pun on the much loved 90s bobsledding flick), the boys of Miniature Tigers will be joined by The Griswolds, Finish Ticket, and Young Rising Sons! We're co-presenting this promising lineup of four fresh acts tonight (July 30) with KPSU - check out MT's video for "Used to be the Shit" and join us at 8:30pm!

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Jul 25, 2014

Quick history lesson for you babes that have been enjoying the jams from Snap! 90s dance party. They're celebrating 7 years tonight!

SNAP! is the brainchild of Ms. Coco Madrid, originally ignited by the musical talents and tastes of DJs Palmer "Freaky Outty" Auty and Chip "Colin Jones" Brokaw in 2007. Spawned in the dingy nooks of Branx in Portland, Oregon, the night was born out of the ferocious, crate-digging appetites of Palmer and Chip, alongside the need to establish a party for people to appreciate the early to mid-90s sounds of hip-hop, house, RnB, and bass-heavy club remixes that were in desperate need of dusting off. The music collections of Freaky Outty and Colin Jones were ready to be released upon the masses, an antithesis from the oppressive, thuggish aesthetic dominating Top 40 airwaves at the time. An arsenal of vibrant, jazzy, afro-centric, uplifting, and joyful club bangers had been amassed and was ready to resuscitate a youthful feeling of nostalgia amongst clubbers in Portland and beyond.

Fast-forward to 2012: SNAP! is an institution. Having moved out of the confines of Branx and into the limelight of Holocene, one of Portland’s most prestigious and popular nightclubs, the night has amassed popularity beyond capacity, powered by the razor-sharp turntablist antics and exclusive edits of Doc Adam (PDX – Ante Up, Crossfaded Bacon) alongside the unimpeachably deep crates of Colin Jones (PDX – Big Green Jones Show).

SNAP! has had the privilege of hosting such renowned talents as:

Emynd – Philly – Crossfaded Bacon

Cosmo Baker – NYC – The Rub

Cobra Krames – NYC – Trunkstep

Sammy Bananas – NYC – Fools Gold

Beyondadoubt – PDX / NOLA

Evil One – LA – Red Bull Music

DJ Zimmie – Pittsburgh / PDX – DJCity.com

Pandemonium Jones – Cap & Jones


SNAP! 90s Dance Party from Jeff Goldstein on Vimeo.

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A Head of Time

Jul 16, 2014

I'm going to take a minute to gush: next Tuesday's edition of Bill of Goods  - Cruel Summer edition - is headed by Linda Austin, motherly maven of local dance incubator Performance Works Northwest. Her home base for the organzation sits quietly in deep southeast Portland in an unassuming former church,  an appropriate launch pad for humbly extraordinary performer. A longtime dancer and instigator of artistic exploration, Austin has been one of my favorite local movers for some time. She has a way of infusing her work with her unbeatable, magnetic spirit. Her works are all at once absurd, thoughtful, humorous, tender and engaging. Here's a snippet from her 2013 TBA performance of "Three Trick Pony":

Three Trick Pony at TBA:13 (excerpt) from Linda Austin on Vimeo.

Truly a treat, for those of you that haven't ventured to her studio or other venues to catch her live, consider July 22nd a fantastic excuse to start enjoying her work, and the other excellent performers we've got lined up for the evening! 

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Lovely Ladi

Jul 9, 2014

On Wednesday, July 16, Soul'd Out Productions presents the soulful stylings of Samoan singer, Ladi6. A darling of New Zealand music media, where she's topped the charts and won the hearts of R&B fans of the nation, she's primed for a seat at the international table with other groove-oriented greats. Check her video for the single "Like Water":

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Guest Selector

Jul 1, 2014

We're elated and delighted for this next edition of the series that matches the curatorial expertise of a local tastemaker with their favorite cause for a benefit show for the history books. This Wednesday, July 2, we've got Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats fame behind the scenes of a fantastic array of local talent that culls from Portland's rich folk & pop universes, all in the name of raising more funds for the runaway hit radio station that could: XRAY.FM! The much-adored, homegrown effort that cropped up on the radio dial at 91.1 FM earlier this year, KXRY boasts some of the local music scene's favorite sons and daughters, including many Aperitivo alumni and our very own Gina Altamura! They've only been gaining momentum since their inception - check out the station and their rotation of fine programming if you havent' yet!

Among many A/V delights and disc jockeys from Pure Bathing Culture and Andy Cabic (of Vetiver), guitarist/composer extraordinaire Ryan Francsconi will be collaborating with Mirabai Peart for what promises to be a bewitching, heart rending set. Check out their charming video for "Parallel Flights":

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Power Players

Jun 25, 2014

Let's take a break next Tuesday from all the summer jams and epic dance parties to usher in some joyous absurdity by way of Comedy is OKOn Tuesday, July 1, they take over for a FREE evening of "educational" material. Powerpoint presentations prepared by a roster of formidable funnies, and randomly dispersed among them for sure to be hilarious, awkward, and ill-fitting results - a mashup of grade school book reports, stand up, and workplace bonding exercise trust falls/fails.

In the meantime, check out some of the talent from the roster: Andrew Michaan and Bri Pruett (whose respective websites are absolutely worth a visit to bust up any mid week blues/draggy feelings). 

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