Winter Beats

Apr 23, 2014

We're delighted to welcome the wipsy, ethereal pop of Swedish duo I Break Horses to our stage on Wednesday, April 30. Their latest, aptly called Chiaroscuro, plays at the balance between light and dark sonic textures. Their music is by turns cold and electronic, sentimental and soaring. Maria Lindén's cool vocals are coy and charming, dancing lightly on the digital landscape the Nordic twosome have constructed. Here's a most excellent remix of their song, "Faith" by The Field. 

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Mix Masters

Apr 16, 2014

We hope you've saved some energy for the remainder of shows brought to you by the fine folks of the Soul'd Out Festival. Winding down the whirlwind of 10 days of funk, hip-hop, jazz, electronic, , R'n'B, and yes, soul, get downs and good times, we're capping off the fun with Chicago-based maestros of mashup, The Hood Internet. ABX and STV SLV will be on hand Sunday, April 20 to blend, chop, and redefine some of pop favorites, with post-modern and serendipitious results (for more po-mo, don't forget to check their tumblr of taco-infused album covers).

Chomp on these unlikely marriages between Future and Future Islands, and Digital Underground and St. Vincent!

Pictorials join this lively lineup on Sunday, and tickets are still available through Stranger Tickets.

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Apr 9, 2014

On Sunday, April 13, we open our doors to the comic-leaning, side-winding, smirk-inducing GRIDLORDS - the local monthly devoted to "experimental narrative arts in a live setting".  Expect animations, comic readings, musical interludes, and more. Though they're usually posted up at Hollywood Theatre for their delightly monthlies, they're teaming up with the first annual LINEWORK NW, a new illustration and comic festival to wrap up the festival's weekend antics.  Preview this delightful animation by artist Daria Tessler:

to the oracle from daria tessler on Vimeo.

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Double Feature

Apr 2, 2014

Tune in and turn on for Sunday, April 6th's very exciting double headliner lineup. On Sunday we are given twice the reason to celebrate with two local luminaries and their album releases - the always fantastic synth+clarinet duo Golden Retriever, and the ethereal, lovely Litanic Mask. 

They also both recently released some amazing videos, check them out here, and don't forget to join us Sunday, April 6!

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Fools Flock

Mar 26, 2014

Keyon Gaskin. Photo by Jason Doizé.

MIRTH is the theme behind the very first of an exciting quarterly of dance and sound collaborations local dance center and collective, FLOCK. Under the banner of Bill of Goods, they'll present unique, surprising, challenging, beautiful, grotesque, and whimsical pairings between captivating choreographers, and mischevious musicians. The night falls appropriately, on April 1st or April Fool's Day, so expect the best and most interesting of times! The first round of Bill of Goods presents the teamings of: 

Keyon Gaskin & Massacooramaan
Allie Hankins & Nour Mobarak
Tracy Broyles & Adrian Hutapea
Dawn Stoppiello & Grace Hwang
Ruth Nelson & Eric Garcia
The Greatest Entertainers Ever
For the unfamiliar, some extracurricular viewing/listening to get ready for next Tuesday's festivities: 

By Guess & By God (Excerpt) from Allie Hankins on Vimeo.

Observer Effect 10min from Tracy Broyles on Vimeo.

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New Aged

Mar 19, 2014

Just a couple of weeks ago, Linda Perhacs released her sophomore album, The Soul of All Natural Things - her first in 44 years, after her much-lauded work of warm, fuzzy psychedelic folk in Parallelograms, which was released in 1970. The album has lingered and endured, gaining Perhacs fans in the latest set of artful folk/pop performers like Devendra Banhart, and Julia Holter (who appears on Perhacs’ latest album), to name a few. But she’s also gaining ground in some seemingly unlikely places - she was recently invited to attend the Daft Punk Grammy Awards after party (they used her song “If You Were My Man” in their film, Electroma).
The decades-long jump from her initial arrival on the music scene has seen Perhacs move on with her life into a career of dental hygiene, but loyal fans to her record did not let it fade from the collective consciousness. Label Wild Places put out a reissue of Parallelograms in 2003 - kick starting a new path for the Southern California singer’s dormant career. Banhart had her sing backing vocals on his 2007 album Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, lending him the rich, honeyed contralto that evokes the sun-kissed hills of Perhacs’ home base in Topanga Canyon. The 40+ year leap from Parallelograms sees a younger generation moving around a classic artist - songs on The Soul of All Natural Things has the trappings of modern recordings: finer production, more instrumentation, glimmering synths - all swirling around the central, unwavering presence of Perhacs’ well-matured and ethereal voice.  
Perhacs is playing just a handful of West Coast dates, and Portland audiences get the treat of seeing her at the resonant, lovely Old Church in downtown on March 23. Consider this a victory lap for a sound and spirit that persists - a special appearance not to be missed. Tickets are available through TicketBiscuit

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