This Is How We Do It (8 Years and Counting!)

Jul 28, 2015

This Friday (July 31), we celebrate all the dance and dace-able jams classics of the 90s, under the banner of Snap! 90s Dance Party, hosted by the venerable Ms Coco B. Along with the DJs and good times to be had, the Sneaker Cart will be outside Holocene for SNAP! It will be free entry for anyone who purchases a pair of shoes from the cart. So come down, get some new kicks and dance the night away to 90's classics! 

A note from Miss Coco her self:

SNAP! 90s Dance Party turns 8 years old this year!

We wanna thank all of our past residents, guests, supporters and fans for letting us bring back the magic of the 90s. It's been a long road and we hope to continue for many more years to come. Currently we are located in Portland, Seattle, and Denver where we hold the title of "Longest running 90's Party in the NW". 

Please join us for a celebration filled with memories, busting moves, and getting incredible!

Want some SNAP! nostalgia? Here is our first interview as a brand new Portland party:

And a mix by Doc Adam:


1998! 8 years of Snap 90's Dance Party. by Docadam on Mixcloud


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Jul 21, 2015

photo credit: Robert Duncan Grey

Holocene is very happy to host the 1-year anniversary event for performance series PURE SURFACE on Wednesday, July 22! We checked in with curators Stacey Tran and Danielle Ross for a prance down memory lane. They've selected one of their favorite poems from the last year, and you can preview a video of a performance at CreativeMornings. Enjoy! 

* * *


it was summer   played cello in the grass   saw movement move me   stapling pamphlets at the office   thought about how we could make something else up   we like videos   we like movement   we like poems   how about a thing that could bring them together   for everyone else   to continue onward   an invitation   to mix colors   play pretend   opportunism   take it for a ride   a strange way to make friends   and yes   they did   they said yes   sometimes all you need to say is yes   and show up   and try


It started with a red ball of yarn and a PBR...


But it really started before. With the wish that you and you and you would meet. You would maybe shake hands, maybe embrace, maybe grab a drink, maybe a tea. You would sketch and grapple and listen and laugh and talk about your cat and your mom and recent concepts, your “I’ve been thinking abouts” and “what ifs.” There would be space and discussion and an agreement to tackle a new “we.” 


Then there was a WE. The eyes, ears, observers would sit in the alley in the sun, wind, rain, cold and take it in, marinate in the magic. Cheers to taking it on, to jumping in and moving through.


(Thanks to all of the artists and witnesses for a year of Pure Surface!)




* * *

::QUARANTINE:: from Patua Films on Vimeo.

:: for the series PURE SURFACE :: presented at CREATIVE MORNINGS PDX 16 JANUARY 2015 ::
:: score composed by Jonathan Raissi :: featuring Keyon Gaskin and Lucy Yim ::


Julia Clare Tillinghast


from Ugly Skeleton


It’s eleven o’clock

Everyone has gone to sleep

I am in the living room closing my eyes

& trying to feel my friends

This one with a missing arm

That one with a bite taken out of her

They say change in the human family happens gradually

And virally, when

Your family mailman is a transman

When your great aunt married someone from another country 

When we all go to college together and then 

Two different parts of the city have a baby giving birth to

A better kind of neighborhood

If intimacy is beautiful

What is ugly

That aunt was a nurse in the Second World war and said

Even the cloud

In Nagasaki

Was beautiful

Until it dissipated and could not be undone

To research this question

I went back and looked at

Those photographs from Abu Graib

Then I drew a whole stand of pinetrees in my notebook

Blistering across the paper

Then I remembered

There is a special hell for the speechless

Some of the ugliest things 

Are the things you can’t see


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In Bloom

Jul 15, 2015

If you haven't been charmed by Portland's young siren Blossom yet, get down to Holocene this week for a chance to sway to her velvety sounds. This Portland babe (who has roots in Trinidad) is a refreshing dose of neo-soul in a folk+rock saturated landscape. Production on tracks like "Hello" flow with languid ease reminiscent of Erykah Badu and Sade. These are syrupy slow jams supported by her breezy, rich vocal style.   

If you're craving music in the vein of SZA, this is your girl. Catch her in the awesome line up of the launch for former Trailblazer Martell Webster's hip-hop label, Eyrst, on Thursday, July 16

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The Takeover

Jul 8, 2015

On Sunday, July 12, we're stoked to present THE TAKEOVER - featuring awesome acts from the Pacific Northwest specializing in live ensemble funk, soul and hip-hop. It's headed by Champagne Duane, a Guyana-born rapper and former Florida native turned Portland transplant, sure to provide a refreshing, vibrant stage show, backed by 6-piece brass band, Free Thought Takeover. His latest album, A Toast, features a span of guests from locals like Saeeda Wright to Jonny Cool, and hip-hop heavyweight Talib Kweli. 

Check his video for "I Got You" feat. Jonny Cool:

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Jul 1, 2015

After our show with Autechre sold out near instanteously, we've added a second date with these IDM legends on Weds., September 23rd! Tickets available now.

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Android's Dream

Jun 24, 2015

Sci-fi fans and noir aficionados! Perhaps the two film realms have not been so exquisitely melded as they were in Ridley Scott's 1982 film, Blade Runner. The timeless work seems ever-more timely in an age that is often questioning our relationship with our technology: the implications of what it means to interact with it, how it interacts with us, and the responsibility that comes with making increasingly sophisticated machinery-meets-emotion creations (see Ex-Machina, Chappie, and maybe even Jurassic World). Based on the visionary literature of Philip K. Dick (whose novellas, stories and books have spawned many fair to fine films in the genre), Blade Runner is a gorgeous, early example of these issues, with a bitchin' score by Vangelis.  ?
On Sunday, June 28, we're joined by a bevy of local talent to celebrate the film in another edition of our sound/celluloid series, Fin de Cinema. Swahili, Talkative, and Noah Bernstein (of Shy Girls and GRAMMIES - with the help of Make Gamble and Stephen Pancerev) will lead you through some astral planes with interpretations of the score, our favorite dance darlings House of Aquarius will present a BR-inspired piece (I predict some Pris channeling for this one), and Four Eels are going to turn out the space with an arsenal of projections. Other surprises await, and we’re hoping you’re down to help transform Holocene into snapshot of the film. This is your night to get (Roy) Batty or updo yourself into an elegant Rachael. But please don’t smoke inside. 

Some inspo for you on this fine day, courtesy of Rutger Hauer:

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