Forces At Play: Floating Room

Portland lovers Maya Stoner and Kyle Bates (of Drowse) are the driving forces behind one of the cities preeminent shoegaze / dreampop outfits, Floating Room. Together, the two write a gloom-tinted bedroom pop perfect for a dark and rainy Northwest winter. With an intimate and melancholic charm, on their 2016 release, Sunless, Floating Room take […]

Forces At Play: Neo G Yo

Party-conscious MC and founder of Futro Collective, Neo G Yo celebrates the release his debut full length LP and accompanying book, Hazama, on Wednesday, October 4 at Holocene. The mission of Futro being the integration of creators and talents in an evolving global community, Neo achieved just that with his latest multi-media endeavor, in a […]

Forces At Play: Alex Hungtai & Love Theme

Alex Hungtai is a tenable genius–musically, stylistically, philosophically and otherwise. The creative force behind the late Dirty Beaches, a lo-fi lounge-y / post-rockabilly / apocalyptic dance project, Hungtai’s croon has drawn comparisons to Elvis and Roy Orbison. Three years following the disbandment of Dirty Beaches, Alex is back with a new project, Love Theme, embracing the noisiest aspects […]

Forces At Play: The Black Madonna

When the legendary punk icon Iggy Pop hails you as the only electronic music artist that he’d listen to, you’re doing something right. But who could turn the ear and melt the rigid heart of such a steadfast rocker, one might ask? None other than the Chicago-based, internationally acclaimed and highly respected DJ and Producer, […]

Forces at Play: Blockhead

Born and raised in New York, veteran producer Blockhead came up from the world of underground hip hop in the late 90’s and early aughts arranging beats and samples for legends Aesop Rock, Murs, Cage, and many other artists associated with the Definitive Jux label. More recently he’s worked with greats such as Open Mike […]