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MishkaNYC presents...
Textbeak (Cleveland)
Rxch Wxtch (Seattle)
Portland's dark dance alchemists Bruxa have curated this line-up of top-notch touring guests.

8:30pm | $5.00 day of show

Mishka NYC on Textbeak: "A good DJ is both historian and scrapbooker. In a few short hours, their craft manages to capsulize a moment in musical, and often cultural history. Unfortunately, ever since the advent of the crossfader, people have been confused as to the role of a good DJ. Nowadays, more often than not, the Disc Jockey is looked upon as a wetware synthesizer; churning out seamless strings of generated tones for ecstacy addled teenagers to grind to. Many people have seem to have forgotten that a DJ is only as good as the records that he plays. Mike Textbeak has not forgotten, and because of this, he stands as the most important DJ in the modern underground movement. Whether playing live at his residency KVLT in Columbus, Ohio or broadcasting over the internet for Karnival Radio, Textbeak flawlessly weaves the sounds of classical dark dance and industrial with many of the newer voices coming out of what Mishka dubbed Grave Wave. Hearing the sounds of today's dark artists next to the sounds of Coil and Ministry and Bauhaus does more for the credibility of the movement than any article or blog can accomplish."