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Buzzed-about local indie pop!

8:30pm | $5.00 day of show

Portland Oregon's Fanno Creek have amassed a sizable following in what seems like a short amount of time, but the trio's musical lineage can be traced back to childhood. Friends since preschool, Evan Hailstone and Quinn Mulligan have been creating music together since the age of 15. Growing up together with a love for classic rock, the two continued to play in bands together until college, where they met drummer Dane Brist (Hailstone was actually Brist's RA) who shared their love of film and music. While the trio has seen several incarnations with members manning different rolls, 2009 saw the final line up of the band, who chose the name Fanno Creek after the creek where Mulligan and Hailstone played together as children.

The band's sense of familiarity has translated to their live show, where their life-long chemistry and accessible rapport can engage even the most jaded audience member. Having played furiously since their formation in Forest Grove, the band has become a staple of Portland's music venues, and a favorite among veteran Portland folk rockers.

Recorded at revolver, their debut full length, Monuments, shows a giant leap forward for the band. Ditching the limitations of the bands 3 piece line-up, the trio take the opportunity to explore larger sound and scope. Lyrically, the album finds Mulligan and Hailstone exploring both the everyday and the infinite, and the relationship between the two. To compliment the thematic content, the music finds itself more textured and orchestrated then previous EPs, and it's to the records benefit. The result sounds like a band taking the wisdom of the cosmos and funneling it through the symphonic jangle pop of Simon and Garfunkel.