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Immerse yourself in the moody experimental post-punk of Captured Tracks artist The Soft Moon.

8:30pm | $8.00 advance $10.00 day of show

Luis Vasquez of The Soft Moon is digging his own niche, an intimate well-spoken whisper, carrying a heavy load of synths that creep and drums that command an uncontrollable pull from within. This intimate peak into another world, Vasquez's mind, has garnered a number of comparisons to some of the most iconic and influential bands of the post-punk and krautrock movement.

Live, the band takes on Justin Anastasi and Damon Way to help transform the listening experience cogently with an array of sound and light effects that translate the energy of the recordings.

"Luis Vasquez works alone, and it shows. Excluding live performances, the San Francisco musician sets and triggers every sound associated with the Soft Moon, drawing from the coldest, most metallic zeniths of post-punk and industrial rock. He builds isolation out of isolation, almost to the point that he's entirely removed as a presence; when he sings, he's less a personality than an instrument in the mix, hissing and howling like busted pipes in an abandoned factory...The Soft Moon aren't really about "songs," per se; they're about moods, how they're conveyed, and the specific images they conjure." - Pitchfork