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High Scores and Records presents...
Regular Music
Ryan McAlpin (Typhoon)
Devin Gallagher (Typhoon)
Eric Phipps (Wampire)
Lisa Schonberg (Secret Drum Band)
Papi Fimbres (Sun Angle)
Erik Carlson (Doubleplusgood)
EVENT is a one-night-only, collaborative, quarterly showcase of live musical and artistic improvisation curated by local label High Scores And Records!

8:30pm | $5.00 day of show

Portland Mercury writes of past EVENTs in the series:
"The first Event, curated by Devin Gallagher of High Scores and Records and Typhoon, was a mysterious evening of adventurous music, spontaneous collaboration, and decidedly un-jammy improvisation. Expect the same from Gallagher's second installment of Event, which features six talented and idiosyncratic local musicians pairing off with another to make unrehearsed sounds. There'll be moments of weirdness, moments of wonder, and moments of decided discomfort--but that's a happy price to pay for the thrill of hunting down the spark of creativity, which will also be in full evidence throughout the evening."