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A soulful and commanding line-up of Portland's rising stars, spanning genres from R&B to soul to Americana. Tonight also serves as the birthday celebration for Holocene's own Gina Altamura!

8:30pm | $5.00 day of show

Shy Girls is an R&B experience out of Portland, Ore. Producer and vocalist Dan Vidmar came to Portland several years ago by way of Pennsylvania, taking a loft apartment in the city's inner Eastside industrial district. Working a day job at an emergency room, he'd return to the loft and craft his sultry, seductive pop R&B into the mystical pre-dawn hours. In late 2011, the "Shy Girls EP" surfaced on BandCamp: a four song collection remarkable for its irresistible grooves, clean production, and the immediacy with which its creator's soulful vocal crooning turns listeners into empathizers. The source of the project's soul is satisfyingly difficult to pin down - Vidmar pulls unabashedly from a wide range of pop influences. We find the bedroom eyes of late '90s boy bands shining dewily upon these tracks, with a New Jack Swing vibe giving them attitude and grit. They also boast a certain proficiency for testifyin' that reaches further back in time, to Motown funk maestros like Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson.

"PWRHAUS, a seven-piece soul outfit...may be Portland's best-kept secret. Like all the best soul bands, PWRHAUS is sexy, gritty, and passionate, with tight songwriting and a singer with style...Also, the horn section has two smoking saxophones." - Portland Mercury

Portland Mercury on Houndstooth: "The group conjures up some delightfully washed out surf grunge, with vocals helmed by Katie Bernstein. And notably, Bernstein sounds as if Nancy Sinatra scheduled a conference with Zooey Deschanel, ripped those goddamn bows out of her hair, and helped sully up that cutesy lilt of hers a bit; it's a very good thing..."