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Desert Days (formerly Pigeons)
Join us for an album release celebration with beloved jangly folk-rockers Death Songs.

8:30pm | $7.00 day of show

  Sung Inside a House feels like coming home. Death Songs' first full-length album, being released on Post-Consumer Records, embodies all the warmth, intimacy, and yes, turmoil of falling in love and raising a family. Songwriter/musician Nicholas Delffs draws on rich American musical traditions such as soul, gospel, country and roots, with touchstones that include Wilco, mid-period Los Lobos, Vic Chesnutt, Van Morrison and the Band, to bring a distinct tuneful clarity to songs that often deal with confusion, loss, and hope. Delffs, new father, resident of Portland, OR, and a veteran of the Shaky Hands, possesses that rarest of gifts, the ability to temper optimism with experience, yearning with realistic expectations. His songs are sincere without being naïve, spiritual but grounded.