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Get hyped for Palma Violets, the UK's garage rock sensations on Rough Trade, who are making headlines on both sides of the pond.

8:30pm | $10.00 advance $12.00 day of show

"The best new band in Britain ... What we're all falling in love with in here is a sound centred around echo-laden guitars, Spiritualized-style Farfisa organ and basslines picking out instantly euphoric, simple chord sequences. Oh yeah, and singer Sam Fryer's voice - Ian McCulloch, Jim Morrison - and the way it rises into ecstatic shrieks that launch the band into similarly ecstatic psych-garage freakouts. There are already five or six awesome songs - direct, clever/simple, totally fresh'n'new-sounding fired-up rock'n'roll of the type we've been waiting for. They finish with a cover of Eddie Cochran's 'I Remember', and then everyone screams, so they play another tune that goes, "I've got a brand new song, I've got a brand new song". Except literally everyone here knows all the words already." - NME

Check out the video for "Best of Friends", voted NME's #1 Best Track of 2012: