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Beloved rabblerousers And And And are heading out on tour....say bon voyage and come "rip" with us!

8:30pm | $7.00 advance $7.00 day of show

"Sounds like a refined, orchestrated version of Wowee Zowee-era Pavement made by kids who grew up listening to hip-hop instead of the Fall. In less than two years, And And And--named after a line in the 1991 film The Commitments--has gone from playing empty shows at outer-Portland dives like the Red Room to headlining local showcases at the hip Mississippi Studios. Those early gigs are still things of legend: The band was kicked out of its first show by the sound man; another one was almost shut down after multi-instrumentalist Berg Radin decided to climb the balcony at Valentine's. To combat crappy sound systems and minimal crowds--and perhaps to cover the fact that the band was still finding its sound--And And And made sure every set was utter chaos. It was the only way to get noticed.

But a group can't survive on volume alone. So And And And turned to another gimmick, earning its street cred by becoming one of Portland's most prolific bands. In an era of overnight Internet fame, And And And gets by on old-school hustle: Since March 2010, the six-piece outfit has released two full-length albums (We'll Be Better Off With the Plants and sophomore effort A Fresh Summer With And And And), four EPs, and Life Ruiner, a split cassette tape with friends the Woolen Men. For most bands, 50 songs is a legacy--for And And And, it's just another year.

Amazingly, quantity has not trumped quality with And And And. Most of the band's material strikes a perfect balance between dueling aesthetics: feverish, frantic lo-fi punk and cleverly arranged and orchestrated pop aided by trumpet and harmonica (and, oddly, the clarinet--perhaps the least-punk instrument in the world). Tyler Keene and Nathan Baumgartner trade off lead vocals, but they have similar vocal approaches that have more in common with Isaac Brock's early Modest Mouse yelps than the bottled intensity of current lauded indie-rock singers like Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug. While And And And's latest material has grown professional and assured, the vocals are still raw and half-drunk" - Willamette Week