Amulets, Hugo Ra Paris, Derek Hunter Wilson (Triple Album Release Show)
Presented by Beacon Sound


Derek Hunter Wilson, Hugo Ra Paris

Ages 21+
A night of ambient and neoclassical soundscapes from three Beacon Sound artists!

Amulets is the solo project of Portland-based audio + visual artist Randall Taylor. Amulets employs handmade cassette tape loops and live processed guitar loops to create live, lush soundscapes and immersive drones. Through the recontextualisation of cassettes, sampling, field recording, and looping, these long-form compositions blur the genres of ambient, drone, noise, and electronic music.

Randall Taylor joins the Beacon Sound roster and graces us with his finest work yet, Between Distant And Remote. Taylor uses tape loops, guitar, field recordings, and electronic processing to pay homage to the paradox of memory and growth, creating a deeply immersive musical landscape in the process. The album is reflective of the artist’s move from Austin, Texas to lush, green Portland in 2018 and also represents a more intentional and layered recording process. Exploring narratives of longing, dislocation, and rediscovery, Between Distant And Remote invites you to dive in and break down the boundaries between yourself and the world around you, reaching into the past to deconstruct the present.


Travelogue is the first album by 27-year-old Portland composer Derek Hunter Wilson. By turns harrowing, poignant, and restrained, it is remarkably accomplished for a debut. Centered around Derek's masterful piano playing, Travelogue also features accompaniment on violin by resident Beacon Sounder Peter Broderick as well as field recordings, cello, harp, and synthesizers. This collection of songs sits comfortably alongside recent work by Julia Kent, Max Richter, and Jóhann Jóhannsson while retaining its own sense of style and place. Embedded in the rainy ethos of contemporary Cascadia, listening to Travelogue brings to mind watching the cranes work through a water streaked window.


Beacon Sound and Jacktone Records are pleased to announce a limited edition joint vinyl release by Hugo RA Paris entitled Threaded Habitat. The new LP from Paris follows two previous cassette releases on Jacktone: Mystique Youth (2015) and Horizons Beneath The Surface (2016), which appeared under his alias, Lavender.

The transition to the Hugo RA Paris moniker with this album marks a more personal shift in approach. Threaded Habitat combines ambient textures and techno rhythms to reflect tension between humanity and nature—particularly the cyclical nature of collapse and renewal. It also marks Beacon Sound's first collaborative release with Jacktone, a Detroit and Berlin-based label co-owned by Darren Cutlip and Doc Sleep, specializing in techno, house, ambient and experimental electronics. Paris resides in Portland and developed the flagship modular product for leading Eurorack manufacturer 4MS: the SWN.

The album's closing track was entirely composed on a SWN prototype and recorded in one take. In fact, much of his work is done in layers of single takes with minimal processing to preserve its raw emotion and embrace minor imperfections. As an MIT-trained engineer and physicist, working with hardware—from modulars to guitar pedals and tape loops—is essential to his process of not only making but exploring sound.

Threaded Habitat captures moments of claustrophobia and bliss in seven tracks and three accompanying videos directed by New Zealand artist Sam Hamilton. Visual art plays a central role in many of Paris’s projects, which include intricate audio-visual performances and scores for full-length films like The Modern Jungle (La Selva Negra) and its forthcoming follow-up.

Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St
Portland, OR, 97214