Greaterkind, Seance Crasher, KILEO (Amenta Abioto + Dan Talmadge)
Presented by Holocene

Seance Crasher

Ages 21+
A stellar local line up of jazz, R&B and soulful pop.

greaterkind is on a mission to spread a message of love and community through the medium of sound. Music to uplift the soul and move the booty. Ya dig?

SEANCE CRASHER is the recording alias of Kevin Rafn joined by stage vets Lia Gist, Scott Harlan, James Taylor and Alexander Thomas. Through high lyricism, bouncy guitar work and anachronistic synth strokes, the band is propelled through a variety of vibrations. Unique narratives are at the heart of each tune.

KILEO is the dreamy new r&b project of Amenta Abioto and Dan Talmadge.

Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St
Portland, OR, 97214