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Low Hum

Wet Fruit, Dream Phases

Ages 21+

“…the lush, psychedelic epic blooms like a kaleidoscopic flower, floating in similar sonic atmospheres as Tame Impala and High Fidelity legends Beta Band.” – FLOOD MAGAZINE on Low Hum

Collin Desha’s most indelible memories were formed growing up in Hawaii in his native culture’s lifestyle — surrounded by the ocean and traditional Hawaiian music. At 17, Desha arrived in Los Angeles, green and hungry to expand his musical identity. Inspired by his LA peers who controlled their creative process, from writing to recording to production, Desha adopted the moniker Low Hum and set up his home studio, determined to write with “no boundaries.” Shortly after meeting Parisian drummer/ producer Jules De Gasperis, the two west coast transplants’ began working together, which resulted in a five-track EP lowhum, showcasing Low Hum’s honeyed, haunting vocals and subtle psychedelic arrangements reminiscent of Tame Impala. These understated yet profound pop sensibilities suffuse Low Hum’s forthcoming full-length, Room to Breathe. From the chugging sprawl of lead single “Strange Love,” inspired by the film Dr. Strangelove, to “Crimson Cardinal,” a powerful meditation on depression and loss following the death of a very close friend, the LP will be a fittingly widescreen introduction to Desha’s music.


For the Los Angeles-based Dream Phases, life is more than but a dream — it’s an evolution. Drawing on classic 60s/70s rock and folk influences as well as modern noise pop ranging from Sonic Youth to Wilco to the Byrds, Dream Phases are one of California’s most eclectic psychedelic rock bands. Their new album, So Long, Yesterday, drops this fall.

“An effortlessly winning piece of gently psychedelic power-pop that sounds like Teenage Fanclub turning into Apples In Stereo. (Teenagers In Stereo?) Anyway, what that means to you is: oohs, ahhs, hooks, riffs and unflagging confidence and charisma.” — Chris Ziegler, LA Record

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1001 SE Morrison St
Portland, OR, 97214