Queen Chief ALBUM RELEASE SHOW w/ Cambrian Explosion + Black River Singers
Presented by Holocene

Queen Chief ALBUM RELEASE SHOW w/ Cambrian Explosion + Black River Singers

Queen Chief
Cambrian Explosion
Black River Singers
Ages 21+
Local psych rockers Queen Chief celebrate their debut release, Animal Stories, on Cavity Search Records!

A portion of tonight's proceeds will be donated to The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women (#MMIW).

In their debut release Queen Chief puts forth a brutally honest heavy rocking representation of life in the Northwestern United States’ low income suburbs and Native American reservations. The songs range from raw grinding anthemic bone crushers with crooked-lipped guitar riffs to sonic love and death stories. Tracks like “North Dakota Spirit” are a ghostly cry for justice left and forgotten in a reser- vation suburb with guitar leads that will have you playing air guitar at 93 miles per hour in a school zone. This debut release shows brutally honest lyrics heavy with hooks and heavy with emotions that address both the despair and anguish of the youth culture but also the desire to elevate, levitate and rise above the corruption and corrosiveness within us all.

Queen Chief's leader, 21 year old Justin Lien (guitar/vocal), is half Hidatsa Native American, half Germanic/Nordic. Caught between worlds in the midst of being alone without a place to call home is where the spirit of Queen Chief lives. Proudly drawing on Punk, Grunge, and hook heavy Indie Rock Lien’s All-American white trash ghetto upbringing has made for one passionate guitar shaman!

Fans of Queens of the Stone Age, The Stooges, Ziggy Stardust, Lenny Kravitz, Black Flag and The Black Keys will surely love Queen Chief.

Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St
Portland, OR, 97214