Salo Panto, Shannon Entropy, Dream Wulf
Presented by Holocene

Salo Panto

Shannon Entropy, Dream Wulf

Ages 21+
A rad line-up of local psych and art rock!

Salo Panto: Well crafted interlocking guitar lines on a firm bed of low end, crashing drums and a tambourine man on the sampler tying up the loose ends.

Dream Wulf is a mashup blend of alternative, stoner, psychedelic, dream, and bloom gloom rock and roll. They are just a bunch of kids trying to feel free and dodge the robot establishment on the way. In November 2018 they released their first EP, All Things Unconsidered; a gritty psychedelic fairytale recorded in a smoldering back house in Austin, Texas. In the Spring of 2019 they plan to release their second EP; promised to be just as emotionally raw, just as psychedelically explicit, with a touch more attitude. Just in time for the bands April 2019 tour. The band remains independent, as the founding members and visionaries, John Villadelgado and Jessica Bahl, enjoy exciting their dream in their own way. Today, they are joined by Glenn Walters on drums, and Killa on bass. Dream Wulf’s sound is like a melting sun-drenched psychedelic dance party, with dark leading undertones, that leaves you guessing in wonder. They create a riff- that flirts between the push and pull of light and dark energy. Magnetically charged, their live performance are captivating and dreamy, radiating a unified intensity which lives up to their pack name.

Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St
Portland, OR, 97214