Schaus album release w/ Amenta Abioto and Jame Doe
Presented by Holocene


Amenta Abioto, Jame Doe

$8.00 - $10.00
Ages 21+
Local electronic pop visionary Schaus celebrates the release of new album Grinding!

The Schaus project began three years ago in the Pacific Northwest. All tracks are written, recorded, and produced by Scott Schaus in a bedroom studio founded on YouTube tutorials and sonic exploration. Interloping live and programmed instrumentation, the project is built upon DIY ethos and a penchant for alt-pop.

Their angular pop music routinely coincides with unique visual pieces ranging from various animation styles to 3d. The live set is the synthesis of the uncanny valley, an episode of Tim & Eric, and a heartfelt karaoke song for a lover at night's end. Past shows include opening for John Maus, Wild Ones, and taking a prime spot at the PDX Pop Now festival.

On their latest album, Grinding, Schaus builds upon the jittery pop of previous releases and pushes it through a bubblegum machine. Thematically, the album perverts notions of work, pool ownership, online fantasies, and love through the refractive lens of being a local musician. Grinding is a workweek, a dance floor touch, a video game's repetition, and the fun of a good slide across a pole all in one.

Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St
Portland, OR, 97214