Tender Loving Empire and Holocene present...


Jared Mees, Animal Eyes

Thu Mar 16

8:30 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Not only will Thunderpussy make you question your life choices, they will teach you life lessons like, "A hard man is good to find," and "Booty is in the eye of the beholder." Comprised of Molly Sides (This Bitch Don't Fall off), Whitney Petty (Deerhunter, The Grizzled Mighty), Leah Julius (Cumulus, Sundries), and Lena Simon (La Luz, Kairos), this new Seattle sex bomb will blow up in your face like a handful of napalm. Get ready for rock n roll's new diamond in the muff.
Jared Mees
Jared Mees’ fourth album employs many of the poet’s traditional tools: metaphor and simile, alliteration and euphony, rhyme and aphorism, variation in voice and point of view. But these are only devices by which Jared the Poet treats his diverse subject matters: Loss of faith, love, legacy, suicide, to name a few contained in Life is Long. Jared wrote all the songs and recorded them in a small cabin along Oregon’s mighty Santiam river. While supplying the vocals and compositions, Jared had members of Typhoon, Radiation City, The Domestics, New Move and Yeah Great Fine play the music. For many days, they all went about the cabin in pajamas and bathrobes, eating sandwiches and ingesting cannabis. After many days of this they came to call themselves The Comfy Boyz.
Animal Eyes
Animal Eyes
Animal Eyes is a group of five friends who grew up together in rural Alaskan towns with populations below 5,000. In that vast space they began the musical exploration that eventually led them to the discovery of their own sound. It also led them to Portland, OR, where they recorded their debut album, 'Found in the Forest'.

After touring the West Coast extensively and spending their spare time writing new material, the group returned to the studio to record their newest EP 'Ursus'.

'Ursus' maintains the folk lyricism and complex rhythms of the first album, but the sound has evolved to embrace rock/dance energy and hip-hop drum beats, calling to mind bands such as Grizzly Bear or Animal Collective. Ursus is intense, but does not sacrifice the dedication to intricately layered guitar/vocal melodies and honest songwriting that helps to characterize the sound of Animal Eyes. Currently, Animal Eyes is recording their upcoming album, playing shows in Portland/around, planning their next tour dates, and playing with dogs.
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1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214