Dolphin Midwives

Dolphin Midwives

Amenta Abioto, Chloe Alexandra, Mulva Myasis

Wed Aug 29

8:30 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Please join us for a showcase of local feminist experimental projects, curated by Sage Fisher of Dolphin Midwives.

Dolphin Midwives
Dolphin Midwives is Sage Fisher's ecstatic/abstract harp/voice ritual experiments out of Portland, OR.
Amenta Abioto
Amenta Abioto
Songwriter, producer, and actor, Amenta Abioto is on the cutting edge of all that is musical, theatrical, and literary. Her music is boldly mystical and soul-fired, and her raw live performances invoke elements of both theatrical surprise and magic through ancient African diasporic sounds and stories. Weaved into syncopated rhythms and dichotomies of comedic proportions, Amenta surprises and tantalizes audiences with mind bending ideas. She brings to the music scene funky academia while skipping vocally from soul shaking gospel to smooth jazz and then onto hip hop rhythms wrapped in West African beats.

Graduating from Idllywild Art’s Academy in 2010, she trained in musical theatre. Since graduating she has courted the music scene and produced one self-titled EP, Amenta Abioto , and one upcoming album, Opening Flower Hymns. Receiving inspiration from the best-seller work Women Who Run With the Wolves, mythological characterization and cultural stories are reflected in the original works of Amenta Abioto.
Chloe Alexandra
Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Cree, Canadian artist and curator, based in Portland, Oregon. Using Pure Data, Arduino, hardware and voice, Thompson creates unique sonic experiences and expressions through the spatialization of isolated frequencies. Thompson’s work has been shown at Unity Gain: High Density Loudspeaker Array, Corridor (Seattle), Quiet City (Vancouver, CAN), Wayward Concert Series (Seattle), Slut Island (Montreal, CAN), Panoply Performance Lab (New York), Subharmonic: Sonic Arts Symposium, Littman and White Galleries, Compliance Division, Bronco Gallery, and Variform Gallery. She has also presented in collaborations for Converge45, Disjecta, Out of Sight (Seattle), PICA T:BA:17, SIX for Subharmonic, and Nationale.
Mulva Myasis
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1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214