Coastlands (album release)

Coastlands (album release)

Mero, Dan Dan

Thu Sep 6

8:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Join us for a show with beloved local post-rock outfit Coastlands, as well as a video single release party for Mero!

Coastlands (album release)
Coastlands (album release)
Post-Rock. Ambient. Instrumental. Portland, Oregon

Coastlands is an instrumental ambient/post-rock band out of Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2011, The four piece lineup features Jason Sissoyev and Nick Fisher on guitars, Jordan Householder on 7-string guitar and Rick Keefer on drums and percussion. Drawn together by a mutual love of music and a penchant for unusual instrumentation and recording methods, each member lends elements of their diverse musical experience, resulting in a sound that is expansive, cinematic, ethereal and highly textured. They have produced several EP’s and a handful of singles since their inception. They have been featured in a couple of documentaries, and their most recent release, Come Morning, A Radiant Light, sold out it’s first edition within days of announcing its pre release. Citing influence from artists such as Ef, Mono, Mogwai, and Logh, their own interpretation of the genre is heavily guitar-laden and woven with distortion and atmospheric resonance that traces the sweeping landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

Jason Sissoyev
Jordan Householder
Nick Fisher
Rick Keefer
Merō is experimental, moody dream pop from Portland, OR, comprised of lush cavernous vocals, swelling guitars, moody synths, trip hop beats and a dreamy cello.

Merō is the newest project from Portland songwriters Mel Guérison (Alexandra Savior, Other Lives, Moorea Masa & the Mood), Rachel Anna Dial, Caroline Belk, Phillip Rogers (Haley Heynderickx, Y La Bamba) and Shawn Alpay (Matt Pond PA, Completions).

Having only been a band in the Portland scene for several months, they were invited in February of 2016 to open for the band Other Lives to sold out crowds in Europe. Following this tour, which was their first together as a band, they have been working on a debut record (release date winter 2018). They released the first single off of the upcoming record in April ("Paralysis") and continue to play local shows in the meantime.
Dan Dan
A trio consisting of spacey, densely-layered synth riffs accompanied by live drums, Dan Dan has been called 'soundtrack-y prog' or 'ambient jam synth' among other things. With a wide variety of influences, Dan Dan manages to forge a sound somewhere between the robotic and the psychedelic while keeping a high level of energy.
Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214