Holocene presents...


with live cover songs from the show’s soundtrack by:, Surfer Rosie, Shannon Entropy (with Internet Beef), Mira Death (of Sweeping Exits), Anothernight, The Breaking, Plus goth bangers all night by DJ Colin Jones ( of SNAP! ‘90s), Hosted by comedian Barbara Holm

Wed Oct 31

8:00 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

For one night only (Halloween night, naturally), Holocene is The Bronze, the beloved nightclub of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe. Buffy and pals danced, flirted, bantered and SLAYED inside the walls of the Bronze with a soundtrack by bands from Cibo Matto to Dingoes Ate My Baby.

We'll have a diverse array of live bands playing cover songs from the show's soundtrack, plus goth bangers all night by DJ Colin Jones.

COSTUME CONTEST to win Buffy themed prizes!

Costumes strongly encouraged - Buffy themed, or to get meta, just a rad Halloween costume to be a costumed Bronze-goer! It's Halloween at the Bronze, after all.

“The Bronze. It’s the only club worth going to around here. They let anybody in, but it’s still the scene. It’s in the bad part of town.”
―Cordelia Chase

Surfer Rosie
Shannon Entropy (with Internet Beef)
Shannon Entropy (with Internet Beef)
Welcome to Shannon Entropy - the most intricate music that you’ve ever tapped your foot to. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, their sound can be described as a perfect mix of ambient/electronic sounds similar to The XX, and technical math-rock akin to that of This Town Needs Guns. Throw in the beautifully-mixed vocal stylings, and you have a sound so unique and pleasing to the ear, you’ll have to hear it over and over again to believe it.

The beginnings of Shannon Entropy can be traced back to Yakima, Washington with the indie/grunge band known as Fire Team Bravo Bravo. Almost from inception, they burst onto the abomination that was the Yakima music scene with both force and fervor, and quickly became the most well-known and sought-after act in the area.

After maneuvering through a line-up change that saw the departure of their original drummer, they continued to expand their horizons. They booked numerous shows in Seattle-based venues like El Corazon and Studio Seven, opening for nationally-recognized bands such as Miss Derringer (L.A.-based rock band) and BigWheelStuntShow (Washington-based blues/rock band).

In 2011, they travelled to Fastback Studios in Seattle to independently produce and record their debut EP, “Pickup Truck Full of Blood”, with producer Jason Lackie. The EP was primarily distributed throughout the Yakima and Seattle areas and was met with rave reviews. It was also picked-up by a local independent radio network shortly after its release. Following the release of the EP, Fire Team Bravo Bravo amicably split and went on an indefinite hiatus.

Fast forward to 2014, and you are presented with Shannon Entropy. Featuring a new name, new lineup, and a new sound, they are ready to re-establish themselves as a powerhouse of the Pacific Northwest. They are currently booking larger Pacific Northwest-based shows and are preparing to record their debut EP in Portland. They have plans to independently mass-produce and distribute it to the Pacific Northwest and beyond in early- to mid-2015. Their long-term goals include touring nationally and sharing their music with the world.
Mira Death (of Sweeping Exits)
The Breaking
The Pacific Northwest has long been known as a stronghold of alternative rock, although Portland's relatively recent rise to cultural mecca has created something of a faddish scene that barely resembles its roots. Nonetheless, a band of '90s-raised Northwesterners from the Rose City still carry the torch that illuminated their upbringing. Their self-titled debut LP, The Breaking, is a testament to the depth of that artistic heritage.

Frontman Adam Sweeney and lead guitarist Tim Karplus form the core of the band, whose vintage sound is best defined by album opener Gone Electric. From its wall of rhythm guitars that honor the band's more raucous influences to its undeniable pop chorus hook, the single represents a solid debut effort that is sure to remind listeners where alternative rock found its footing.
Plus goth bangers all night by DJ Colin Jones ( of SNAP! ‘90s)
Hosted by comedian Barbara Holm
Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214