Brin, Crystal Quartez, Visuals by Keith Foster

Thu Jan 17

8:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Lush experimental soundscapes from these Portland-based visionaries.

Amulets is the solo project of Portland-based audio + visual artist Randall Taylor. Amulets employs handmade cassette tape loops and live processed guitar loops to create live, lush soundscapes and immersive drones. Through the recontextualisation of cassettes, sampling, field recording, and looping, these long-form compositions blur the genres of ambient, drone, noise, and electronic music.
Brin is the solo project of Portland, Oregon based multi-instrumentalist & sound artist, Colin Blanton. Like an audio journal sourced from his surroundings, he uses sensory percussion to create hypnotic sample-collage rhythmscapes that navigate through vignette worlds & intimate moments. In addition to performing, Blanton has composed music for film and his discography includes collaborative and solo recordings on labels such as Digitalis, Breathing & Receiving Oxygen, Inner Islands, Sounds et al, Muzan Editions, Whited Sepulchre, and Moss Archive. Blanton has performed extensively around the United States, Europe, and Japan.
Crystal Quartez
Restorative sound rituals
Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214