POW Film Fest x Fin de Cinema: New Live Score of Alla Nasimova's Salome

POW Film Fest x Fin de Cinema: New Live Score of Alla Nasimova's Salome

Dolphin Midwives, Indira Valey, DJ Black Daria

Wed Mar 27

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Fin de Cinema and POW Film Fest present a new live score of Alla Nasimova's Salome, composed/performed by Dolphin Midwives and Indira Valey. POW FILM FEST OPENING NIGHT SCREENING! 

Doors open at 8 / Film Starts promptly at 9 / Tunes by DJ Black Daria before and after the film.

SALOME: The passion project of Russian-born actress and producer Alla Nazimova, this outrageously stylized adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s notorious play—based on the biblical story of the teenage princess who lusts after the severed head of John the Baptist—is a delirious, decadent avant-garde spectacle. Its status as a queer classic rests both on its Art Nouveau-meets-camp style and on the legend that the bisexual Nazimova cast the film entirely with gay actors. America's first art film!

POW Film Fest x Fin de Cinema: New Live Score of Alla Nasimova's Salome
Fin de Cinema is a recurring live film score series curated by Gina Altamura. The series was
established in 2009, and allows prominent Portland- based pop and experimental musicians to
re-interpret the soundtracks to art films. Fin de Cinema is an audio-visually immersive, deeply
collaborative series which seeks to give new life to classic films. Visually rich cinematic landscapes
are paired with daring musicians in a variety of genres.
Dolphin Midwives
Dolphin Midwives ( S age Elaine Fisher) is an American composer, performer and
sound artist based in Portland, OR. She is best known for her performance project,
Dolphin Midwives, which abstracts harp, voice and percussion using electronics,
extended techniques and ritual processes. She explores themes of empathy, natural
cycles, vulnerability, transformation and technology through social experiment,
meditation, psychoacoustics and magic.
She has performed at various contemporary art centers and venues on the west coast,
including Disjecta, S1, PICA, Coaxial Arts, and Columbia City Theatre, and shared her
work at TBA Fest, Debacle Fest, PDX POP NOW, Olympia Experimental Music
Festival, Subharmonic, The Wayward Music Series and the CMG’s Improv Summit of
Portland. In 2016, she released Orchid Milk, her first recording under the Dolphin
Midwives moniker. Her sophomore album, Liminal Garden, was released Jan 18, 2019
through Sounds et al/Beacon Sound.
Indira Valey
Indira Valey
Indira Valey (Portland, OR) is an avant garde multi-instrumentalist and performance artist who
channels powerful songs that reverberate with the voices of her ancestors and speak directly to
modern audiences. Her ancient-sounding, resonant voice is a force of nature, and she utilizes
looping technology, effects pedals, and a unique palette of instruments (including flugelhorn,
timpani, kalimba, electric guitar) to create mesmerizing and memorable live performances that
are ever-changing due to her spontaneous improvisational magic.
Her debut album Recordar is a bilingual collection of oceanically soothing, powerfully healing
songs about memory and finding your own inner power. In Spanish, "recordar" means both "to
remember" and "to pass back through the heart.
Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214