The English Language

The English Language

Jane Machine, Xibling

Wed Mar 20

8:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Psych, grunge, and dark electronic soundscapes rub shoulders in this bill pairing 2 locals with Joshua Tree-via-PDX group Jane Machine.

The English Language
The English Language
American punk-influenced psychedelic rock/garage rock band from Portland, Oregon, fronted by singer/songwriter and guitarist Kyle Langlois.
Jane Machine
Jane Machine is your subconscious's catharsis. Joshua Tree-based producer and vocalist Erica von Trapp explores existentialism, human desire, and loss through a mix of analog synths, intimate vocals, and head-nodding electronic percussion. The result is a pop noir, vacillating between sensuality, goth, and mania. Drawing electronic inspiration from her years spent in Paris, where she started producing electronic music, hip hop rhythm from her childhood growing up in the California Bay Area, and other-worldy textures from her current homestead in Joshua Tree, Jane Machine lies somewhere between Scandinavian electro pop, trip hop, and witchcraft.

Von Trapp started writing songs for the debut LP “Back Seat Driver” while living in France for 4 years, where she discovered a deep appreciation for electronic sound. After moving back to Los Angeles (where she was born), she relocated to Joshua Tree to open her own studio, where Jane Machine is researched, written, produced and recorded.

The second LP "Weightless Moon" is scheduled to release mid-2019 and is a far more trippy and spacious, yet still synthy, flirtation with the debut LP “Back Seat Driver”.
2.Screaming synthetic similes in a phasing void of war/love & love/war.
Transforming relationships of various machines.
NoSoftware. YesHardware. GetWetware.
Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214