SPF666, Knomad

Sat Feb 18

9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

LA based producer blending garage, grime, hip-hop and R&B sounds.

Originally part of a small crop of American artists inspired by dubstep, garage, grime, jungle and other ‘nuum sounds, Kastle has transitioned through multiple aesthetic iterations since he burst into the popular consciousness 6+ years ago, fostering a thriving touring career, releasing a critically and commercially successful debut album, and heading up his own wildly successful label. Across several releases on his own Symbols label, the Los Angeles-resident has filtered hip hop and R&B through the aforementioned UK sounds, developing a sound rife with pop consciousness and a keen sense of melody, all while retaining a strong devotion to under-the-radar sounds.

In between playing festivals like Coachella, Decibel, Lightning In A Bottle and Burning Man, it’s remarkable that Kastle has had time for any other creative pursuits, but along with his own trailblazing production work, he also functions as an A&R, mixtape curator and tastemaker DJ. The rare musician with the fan base and clout to regularly play massive festivals and, at the same time, develop a visceral connection to the young artists that are likely to take the proverbial torch in the coming years. At Symbols, avant garde releases aren’t the exception, but the rule and the label is now made up of a deep, diverse group of producers pushing American and UK sounds forward at a blistering pace.

Having extensively toured Europe, the UK, Australia and North America, Kastle has the wit and wherewithal to play large stages and tiny rooms, filtering leftfield bass music into his own idiosyncratic aesthetic. You’re just as likely to become engrossed in science fiction motifs as you are sweltering low end in a Kastle set and his forthcoming work sees the artist extend into ever more abstract, moving sonic space. And with ever-expanding curiosity in the worlds of tech and science, the concepts and ideations that make up Kastle’s songs don’t end when the song ends, instead continuing to make up his figurative and literal body of work.

Across best selling records, global tours and dozens of Symbols releases, Kastle has shown marked progression, his sound always developing around a core set of ideals. His output might not all sound the same, but a thread of never-ceasing evolution is present throughout, making Kastle one of America’s most indispensable contributions to the dance music continuum.
Initially best known running Club Chemtrail, the aesthetic laden Portland-based party, SPF666 broke into the world of production in mid-2014 with a bang, releasing the Scorpion Cache EP on his newly-minted imprint, Club Chemtrail Records. Rife with dubs that had been making rounds as secret weapons of taste-making DJs, the EP proved worthy of both the hype and the wait. Scorpion Cache's overwhelmingly positive reception established SPF666 as both an exciting and unique figure in the new grime scene, as well as a producer already shaping the emerging sounds of tomorrow's dancefloors.

As SPF's productions present percussive workouts of interplays of dissonance and space in club-ready frameworks, his high-energy dj sets follow suit– offerings of boundary-pushing sounds mixed with a deft knack for accessibility, consistently keeping the dancefloor full. While holding his near two year residency at Club Chemtrail, he has hosted and supported some of the most forward-thinking artists in dance music, and has brought his transgressive-yet-party-pleasing sets across the US, from Los Angeles to New York, leaving a growing following in his wake. But it's not just fans who are impressed with this new producer– SPF666 has found strong recognition within the new grime scene, garnering praise from Bok Bok, Murlo, Rabit, and Neana, as well as the attention from prominent artists across the board: Feadz, Dre Skull, Total Freedom, Wildlife!, and Astronomar join others in expressing their support for his tracks.

This work has only begun for SPF666, as the single "Warworld" featuring Mike G just dropped on Bot/Astronomar's Main Course Label in July 2014, followed by a slew of remixes via Car Crash Set, #FEELINGS, and Knightwerk Records. As he readies his next EP, SPF has already picked up a variety of tour dates in throughout '14, hopping from LA's Mustache Mondays to a 2 week mini-tour in northeast North America, no doubt showing his growing fanbase that he is not just an extremely exciting addition to the US dance music scene, but a name to associate with what's to come.
Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214