Via Rosa

Holocene and TSDS present...

Via Rosa

Vinnie Dewayne, Karma Rivera, Brown Calculus

Wed Apr 26

8:30 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

Join us for this beautiful night of R&B and hip-hop co-curated by Holocene and Vinnie Dewayne, showcasing the artistic exchange between Chicago and Portland.

Via Rosa
Via Rosa
Chicago based R&B singer and producer affiliated with THEMpeople collective
Vinnie Dewayne
Vinnie Dewayne (Vincent Dewayne Spillman) was born in St. Johns, an often controversial, small, low-income neighborhood in North Portland, OR. Vinnie grew up in a house filled with soulful tunes such as Aretha Franklin, Al Green, and Jerry Butler. Shortly after developing a love for music in general, Vinnie then began listening to hip-hop music, this was during the DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince era. At the age of 12 Vinnie decided to take a visit to a local recording studio in St. Johns where he met Lashawn Stewart, a production engineer who quickly took Vinnie under his wing. Stewart gave Vinnie his first job, compensating him with 2 hours of studio time at the end of each week. With that time Vinnie recorded his first track ever titled, "St. Johns Soldier". This was the beginning of the pursuit of a music dream. Besides being a music lover, Vinnie was always an exceptional writer and story teller.

​In ​2009, Vinnie received a full ride scholarship to Columbia College Chicago, where he was​ to pursue a degree of the arts in Business and Entrepreneurship. Even while ​being a full time student​, Vinnie did not lose sight of his ​ultimate goal, so between school and work, Vinnie spent his time at the studio. Over the course of the school year, he recorded and released his first single entitled "Damn" which was very well-received online on a global scale. Solitary became the title of his first project, ​which dropped September 2010 hosted by DJ Ill Will. While at Columbia, he performed at various shows in the Chicago area, and through out the East Coast. In January 2012, Vinnie Joined forces with All-Terrains Music's CEO, Robert "Bob Law" Lawrence. With Bobwire.

With one year left of school, Vinnie went back home to Portland for a show and he was in a tragic car accident. It nearly killed him and a friend. He was hospitalized for months and unable to return to Chicago to finish his Spring Quarter. After a summer of healing and renewal, Vinnie returned to school in the fall, receiving his Bachelors degree in the spring of 2014, a year later than expect with the same scholarship. Vinnie is currently working on his third project, The Scholar, the follow-up to his Second album Castaway.
Karma Rivera
Inspired by the creative brilliance of '90s artists like Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, and Eve, Karma Rivera is looking to revive that era's sense of authenticity and ingeniousness while showcasing her lyrical skills as an MC to the forefront. The Chicago raised and now Portland dweller, Karma Rivera beguiling bars will land like a Mayweather jab, hitting effortlessly and continuously.
Brown Calculus
Brown Calculus
Jazzy, intergalactic soul project between singer Vaughn Kimmons (Brown Alice, Popgoji, Tribe Mars) and Tribe Mars keyboardist Andre Burgos (Brown Calvin).
Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214