Bryson Cone

Bryson Cone

DNVN, Laura Palmer's Death Parade, Ripley Snell

Thu Apr 6

8:30 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Join us for a unique multi-genre show, featuring local bands spanning R&B, funk, indie pop and hip-hop. 

Bryson Cone
Bryson Cone
Bryson Cone is pop, jazz(ish), soul(ish), synth, goofy, art rock, bla bla blarf. The Cone is sexy sax and synth, melty guitars, Brian Wilson Bowie vocals and old soul drums and bass. Imagine the sound of a synth being dropped in a boiling pot of Nickelodeon slime with tiny operatic singers chopped up and sprinkled on top by a sad clown poet cooking in his spaceship on a long ride home to planet Conia.

Bryson Cone is a solo project started by Bryson Hansen in March 2016. Hansen is an artist living and working in Portland, OR. Hansen has played in various other projects including main songwriter and singer for Fog Father, synth wizard for Reptaliens, guitar geek for Sex Money Monks and a few live guitar gigs with Gary Wilson. Bryson Cone is yet to release a debut EP, but hope to have the first freak-pop melt down avail in early 2017.
DNVN is a collaboration started by Donovan Edwards (John Smith) & Damon Boucher (Chanti Darling, Du Og Meg)

Influenced by past but sounds like future.

Sounds like: future r&b with a little bit of funk.
Feels like: lush sex jams set in space.
Taste like: last nights sweet tea on your morning walk home.
Smells like: tobacco, leather bootstraps and daddy's aftershave.

New album SOFT PINK due Summer 2017.
Laura Palmer's Death Parade
Ripley Snell
"Speaking his mind and keeping it real, Ripley Snell is a storyteller giving insight on Portland nights, homelessness, and racism with candor... While Snell is getting lyrically deep inside issues, Neill Von Tally's beats throughout the album feature jazzy and playful instrumentation and vintage audio sampling including everything from the triangle bell to string trios and brassy melodies."

-Brandy Crowe, The Deli Magazine
Venue Information:
1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214