Tender Loving Empire and Holocene present...


Gold Casio in collaboration with puppeteers: Bill Holznagel, Paul Velasquez and Samala Coffey, Dan Dan

Thu Aug 10

8:30 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Join us for a dance party with the sensational Seattle-based disco-pop duo SISTERS!

Like popping the cork on a bottle of bubbly, SISTERS' music is made to make joy, built to build up and up and explode into the highest heights. It's no accident that the 11 songs on Drink Champagne will redline your dopamine level. Andrew Vait and Emily Westman, the soul-siblings of SISTERS, are both lifelong musicians, deeply dedicated and formally trained. Their only goal is to make you feel, and feel good.
Gold Casio in collaboration with puppeteers: Bill Holznagel, Paul Velasquez and Samala Coffey

WHEN ON HIGH, the Cosmic Mirror Ball first shot forth its multitude of exuberant lights throughout the Universe, came forth from the Chaos, Gold Casio.

Both instrument and entity, keyboard and cabal; A spectral synthesizer permutating all realms of existence, from Internet to Grave. A voice from the urban wilderness, calling out and drawing in; Into dingy basements and darkened dance clubs with visions of sweaty nights. Sweaty nights of ecstatic apparitions and psychedelic nightmares. But what came first, the Fever, or the Dream?

Heed little the human counterparts of Gold Casio, for they are but vessels, merely mechanisms through which the Disco Gods make known their final decree. Party Forever? "Amen!"

Relinquish the curtains of this reality, strip away the layers of meaninglessness until all that remains are Babes and Bass. Only then will you begin to understand.

AND should you choose to behold Gold Casio, Lo, know thine time has come. For no longer can your arms remain tightly across your chest, nor your feet remain steadfastly planted on the ground.

Possessed by sound and light, tonight you will get down. And you're probably going to spill your drink.
Dan Dan
A trio consisting of spacey, densely-layered synth riffs accompanied by live drums, Dan Dan has been called 'soundtrack-y prog' or 'ambient jam synth' among other things. With a wide variety of influences, Dan Dan manages to forge a sound somewhere between the robotic and the psychedelic while keeping a high level of energy.
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1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214