Floating Room

Floating Room

Mini Blinds, No Aloha

Wed Oct 18

8:30 pm


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Local dream-pop talents combine for a stellar bill

Floating Room
Floating Room
"Portland’s Floating Room is a band led by Maya Stoner and Kyle Bates that specializes in emotive, beat-laden indie rock made all the more intimate-sounding by virtue its writing and recording sessions largely take place in Stoner’s bedroom. [...] The album title is a nod to the Pacific Northwest’s notoriously overcast weather but the expansive, contrasting moods and dreamy atmospheres of its songs more closely recall the old expression that “even dark clouds have silver linings.”" -She Shreds

"Portland lovers Kyle Bates (Drowse) and Maya Stoner (Sabonis) are the founders of Floating Room, a noise-rock band also featuring bassist Alec Van Staveren. On debut album sunless, the group contemplates the dissolution of a relationship and the creation of another. Their newest single “Fun” is a bit of a misnomer: Stoner’s vocals are haunting and faded like an echo in an empty mansion, relenting, “Oh my heart is continuously breaking, I use to think that this was mine for the taking.”" -Stereogum

"Whether it's the existentialism and fear of Red House Painters [or] the quiet isolation of Slint [...] Floating Room more than captures these feelings.
sunless is an experiential album that deserves to be heard in full."-CLRVYNT

"Floating Room’s self-described “gray pop” brings grace and order to distorted noise compositions, which sometimes eclipse Stoner’s hushed lyrics like passing storms. Each song sounds like it’s backed by a wild pack of guitars—some riffs hum warmly, while others thunder and drone over Bates’ samples, which include dog whimpers and wind chimes. The result is arresting."-Portland Mercury
Mini Blinds
Mini Blinds embodies the bouncy swaying feeling of 60’s pop with a dash of 80s synth pop aesthetic. Mini Blinds was formed in Portland, Oregon in late 2015, the duo consists of Beth Ann Dear and Devin Welch, whom have grown up in the Pacific Northwest and have participated in it’s booming music scene for many years. They both take many roles in the project layering reverbed guitars, cutting bass and sprinkles of synth sounds over analog drum machines. October 2016 saw their first album release on See My Friends Records.
No Aloha
"Local indie-pop trio No Aloha began as a collaboration between Brette Irish and Blake Ferrin in 2009. The pair started off playing under the moniker Brette and Blake, and in 2013 released Hi-Five, a charming debut album full of light and breezy synth-driven pop numbers. With the scope of the project expanding, the band decided to take on a new name, and having already professed their love for the Pixies by means of a gorgeous cover of "Wave of Mutilation," Irish and Ferrin turned to a Breeders track in selecting their new namesake. Thus No Aloha was born. Ferrin and Irish continue to hone their ability to craft twinkling pop music, while peppering in just enough coarse texture to keep you on your toes. All of this is on display in their excellent recent single, "Fall Away," where the band's love for the Deal sisters comes full circle." - Portland Mercury
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1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214