TiRon & Ayomari

TiRon & Ayomari

Brown Calculus, Fountaine

Mon Mar 19

8:30 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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This event is 21 and over

Join us for celestial, visionary hip-hop and R&B from LA-based duo TiRon and Ayomari, plus local favorites Brown Calculus and Fountaine!

TiRon & Ayomari
LA based upstarts TiRon & Ayomari (a.k.a. T/A) blend 
an overtly musical style with forward-thinking and 
honest perspectives that make them one of the most exciting hip hop groups to emerge in years. Unafraid to defy convention and cliches that usually bound rap artists, the duo has slowly built a substantial buzz by releasing absolutely no filler material–only carefully crafted songs, projects, performances and visuals.

Released in 2011, their universally acclaimed debut 
A Sucker for Pumps was a concept album about 
women, men, relationships, love and everything in between. To it's credit, #ASFP has been lauded by Complex, RapGenius, XXL, LA Weekly, The Source, 
Life+Times, Hypetrak, and enjoyed by fans worldwide.

While working on their follow up album, The Great New Wonderful, T/A were intent on sharing their creative process by releasing an EP in 2013, The Wonderful Prelude, which received critical praise.

The album, The Great New Wonderful, displayed a considerable growth and maturity to their sound. It was about learning to manage the ego, expressing yourself and accepting yourself. T/A touch on themes involving happiness, self confidence, togetherness, belief and freedom.

Their new album, WET: The Wonderful Ego Trip, is the flip side to The Great New Wonderful. It indulges in all of the attractive elements that make the ego such an addictive drug.
Brown Calculus
Brown Calculus
Two spirits, sprung forth from the same body in a past life, we have traveled through time and space, reconnecting as two separate hosts on planet Earth and embodying the intergalactic values of jazz and unity.

“Producer Andre Burgos lays out a star-bed of jazzy keyboards and analog space sounds for Kimmons' fluttering alto, which she uses to lament digital age romance, affirm her blackness and gush over the cherry blossoms that sprout along the waterfront in spring.”
- Willamette Week
Fountaine is a North East Portland native, anime lover, and well-rounded creative. As a music artist and producer, he's independently released 3 instrumental tapes [Season 1: Android 17, IM TRYING, & Blue? (Blue Questions)] and 3 full-length LPs [Blak $ushi, Wisteria, & Hell for Infinite Losers] since his start as a solo artist in 2015. His music is filled with witty punchlines that reference meaningful cultural symbols from his upbringing, all while being mediated through his smooth lyrical delivery and exploratory production techniques. Fountaine's artistic platform is best experienced through his live performances, which are participatory in nature, that often call on audience members to engage with him and one another to invite feelings of openness, personal fulfillment, & self confidence.
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1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214