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Deem Spencer, Fountaine

Wed Oct 10

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:45 pm

$15.00 - $59.00

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This event is all ages

Join us for an All Ages evening with innovative, fast-rising rapper Duckwrth.

South Central recording and visual artist, Jared Lee, was the "different kid" but don't expect a sob story of the struggle and misunderstanding. He wore it on his sleeve with pride, understood he was misunderstood and was still respected by his peers for being exactly who he is, "Your Friendly Neighborhood, Duck".

After graduating high school, he ventured off to bay area's Academy of Arts where he honed his artistic talents and became the artist we now know as Duckwrth, a named derived from his mother's maiden name.

He started developing a cult fan base by appearing on popular TeamBackPack Youtube videos and by releasing mixtapes like "Ducktape", "Taxfree V1" and his 2015 collaboration with hip hop producer, The Kickdrums titled "Nowhere".

In 2016, he released his critically acclaimed debut LP, "I’M UUGLY", a project that merged the most unique parts of Duckwrth’s talents to create a sound and visual palette that indicates he had not only grown as an artist but is well on his way to being a music icon and visionary for his generation.

Now, "an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape" vows to take that a step further blending genres from rock to hip hop to funk and soul and incorporating live contributions from his favorite long time collaborators. Bringing a unique identity of masculinity and femininity to his music, Duckwrth's vivacious and free-spirited approach has earned him comparisons to a millennial Prince of Jimi Hendrix. This embrace of individuality and passion to push his art into unknown territory has led Duckwrth to create his most ambitious body of work yet, an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape.

He is adamant about being hands on in the visual perception promoted to the world through his music. He is the illustrator of all of the artwork accompanying the projects he has released, the creative force behind the videos he puts out, has created branding and artwork for other artist, had his work displayed at galleries in the bay area and recently launched his popular brand B.O.Y., a campaign that supports blurring the gender lines, discourages gender biases and encourages fans and friends to take pride in B.eing O.nly Y.ou.
Deem Spencer
Deem Spencer’s music carries weight, so much
so that it is difficult to believe that the artist is
only 21 years old. His raps are searingly honest
introspections, intensely personal to the point
that listening in can almost feel perverse. Raised
in Jamaica, Queens, Deem tells stories from
the perspective of an old soul dealing with the
turmoil that accompanies coming of age in New
York City.
At a time when most hip hop is either cartoonishly
braggadocious or phonily conscious,
Deem’s music feels strikingly genuine. In September
of 2016 he quietly released a six track EP
titled Sunflower, which went largely unnoticed.
A few months later he posted a visual for “soap,”
a track off of the project. The video shows two
shots laid over each other, one of Deem standing
over a small box and the other of the interior
of the box where he moves a miniature version
of himself around a model room. “Y’all niggas
told me I’m a king, then you told me I’m a slave,
then you told me imma win, then you told me
I’m afraid, then you told me I’m a phony I’m a
lame,” he raps as he throws himself around the
room. The simple but powerful video caught
the attention of a handful of publications and
furthered Deem’s reach in the local scene in
New York, leading to performances at SOB’s,
Muchmore’s, and Silent Barn.
Deem is influenced by New York’s past, evidenced
most in his production which features
elements taken from hip hop’s golden era such
as sped up soul vocals and jazz samples, but the
music never feels weighed down by nostalgia.
Having grown up in the city, New York is an inseparable
part of Deem’s identity and an integral
part of his story, but the young artist’s relationship
with the city is not romantic. New York is
a never-halting machine, and trying to survive
while dealing with the transition from child to
adulthood is unforgiving. Themes of insecurity,
depression, and heartbreak are prevalent in
Deem’s raps, but there is also a constant underlying
sense of hope, a flickering light that is the
real energy propelling Deem’s music forward.
The past year has been a slow and organic build
of momentum, leaving both fans and critics in
anticipation of Deem’s next project. If his recent
output is any indication, Deem’s vision will
only continue to grow and solidify as the young
rapper proceeds to figure both himself and his
art out; a process that we are all privileged to
Fountaine is a North East Portland native, anime lover, and well-rounded creative. As a music artist and producer, he's independently released 3 instrumental tapes [Season 1: Android 17, IM TRYING, & Blue? (Blue Questions)] and 3 full-length LPs [Blak $ushi, Wisteria, & Hell for Infinite Losers] since his start as a solo artist in 2015. His music is filled with witty punchlines that reference meaningful cultural symbols from his upbringing, all while being mediated through his smooth lyrical delivery and exploratory production techniques. Fountaine's artistic platform is best experienced through his live performances, which are participatory in nature, that often call on audience members to engage with him and one another to invite feelings of openness, personal fulfillment, & self confidence.
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1001 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214