Sun Araw

Sun Araw

Visible Cloaks, Caspar Sonnet

Tue Aug 14

8:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

We're thrilled to present a quartet set from the highly prolific and critically acclaimed psych/experimental visionary Cameron Stallones, aka Sun Araw.

Sun Araw
Sun Araw
Sun Araw is the working title of a musical project helmed by Los Angeles-based artist Cameron Stallones. Sun Araw has released a number of well-received and consistently innovative albums, with his eighth, The Saddle of the Increate, released by Sun Ark Records (an imprint of Drag City) in 2017.

Structural and spiritual inspiration for Sun Araw comes primarily from investigation into the nature of experience by the transformative power of simple observation. The goal has always been the creation of a psychedelic music, by which is meant a psychotropic music: not an aesthetic sensibility but a method of discontinuous experience. Supporting every Sun Araw composition is the fact of mantra: the ability of repetition with attention to change the perception of a melodic object. By means of this constantly changing perception, the possibilities of improvisation become infinite. More recent works attempt to effect the mental activity of the listener even more physically and investigate the expansion of the time-experience when the composition removes a fixed place from which to listen.

Since the project's inception in 2007, 8 full-length LPs, 3 EPs, 6 cassettes, and innumerable collaborations have emerged, partaking in a musical spectrum spanning psychedelic drone and melted afrobeat, warped dub and minimal composition, all the while remaining distinct from any possible genre classification. In 2012 a posthumous split 7" with minimalist psychedelic legends Spacemen 3 bent the circle of influence into a spiral. Sun Araw's releases have been praised in Wire Magazine (who selected Heavy Deeds as one of the top 50 records of 2009, On Patrol in the top 50 of 2010, and Ancient Romans in the top 50 of 2011), The New Yorker, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Uncut Magazine, Mojo, Pitchfork, and beyond. Sun Araw has toured extensively domestically and abroad, performing in Europe, Russia, Australia, Mexico, South America, and Canada.

In early 2011, Cameron and M. Geddes Gengras traveled to Jamaica where they recorded and produced Icon Give Thank, a collaborative album with roots-reggae legends The Congos, which has led to a live performance at the Barbican in London, a concert in Manhattan with Lee Scratch Perry, and two performances as part of Doug Aitken's Station to Station project. While in and around Kingston, Cameron and Ged also began producing dancehall singles and tracking local vocalists under the name Duppy Gun Productions, and are currently releasing this material with the help of Stones Throw Records.

Cameron creates the artwork for each release, writes liner notes, and has started a photographic series of books and videos under the heading: Second System Vision.
Visible Cloaks
Visible Cloaks
Visible Cloaks’ Reassemblage is a collection of delicately rendered passages of silence and sound that invokes – and invites – consciousness. The foundation of the duo’s second album is gently poured upon the ground their musical predecessors explored, using the materials of chance operations, MIDI “translation,” and other generative principles that favor inclusive musical environments over the narrowly constrained.
In 2010, Spencer Doran, one part of Visible Cloaks alongside Ryan Carlile, prepared the first volume of Fairlights, Mallets, and Bamboo, a mixtape indicated by Doran as “an investigation into fourth-world undercurrents in Japanese ambient and pop music, years 1980 – 1986.” These mixes contextualized the outré orbit of Yellow Magic Orchestra-related solo projects and their abstract, radiant forays as forever futuristic modes of music.
Reassemblage evokes similar musical futures celebrated on the Fairlights mixes, but does so observantly rather than reverently. The title Reassemblage, for example, is taken from a film essay by Trin T Minha-ha, which explores the impossibility of ascribing meaning to ethnographic images. The author aims to “speak nearby” rather than “speak about.” In other words, to embrace lapses of understanding, and realize that the impulse to map direct meaning across a cultural gap often results in further disconnect.
In an effort to “speak nearby” rather than “speak about,” Visible Cloaks filters and forms source material to become young again. Often the duo strip tonal elements of their specificity or randomize melodies so they become stirring and lucid. Essential patterns emerge, conscious experience heightens. In these moments, the musical language of Reassemblage finds unlimited resonance and presents a path to uninhabited realities.
The origin of this language could be described as translingual or polyglottal, working within the eastern / western feedback loop of influence, Fourth World ambiguity, and the universality of human emotion. Incorporating an international array of virtual instruments to advance the idea of pan-globalism through digital simulation, tones and colors cohere into a living, breathing pool of sensorial experience in Visible Cloaks’ environs.
Beyond embracing the fluidity of worldly musical influences, Visible Cloaks works fluently between mediums. The contribution of stalwart digital and installation artist Brenna Murphy’s dream dimensions to Reassemblage’s cover artwork and surrounding videos extends the album’s exploration of global headspace into a visual, visceral reality.
In the tradition of Fairlights, Mallets, and Bamboo and Interiors, Doran compiles an hour of literal and figurative musical interpretations for the Translations mixtape. Divided into Day and Night sides, the former weaves Japanese music through deconstructed human voices and contributions from peers and contributors to Reassemblage. The Night side bends introspective with choral music from the Eastern Bloc, Italian spiritual minimalism, and early software-based generative music experiments.
Visible Cloaks Reassemblage will be released on February 17, 2017 on LP, CD, and digital formats. The Translations mix will be released on cassette, and only available in this limited format.
Caspar Sonnet
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