Crooked Looks, Spooky Boys, Lovely Colours – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Thursday, June 30
Doors: 8pm
 PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of our customers, we will be requiring proof of full COVID vaccination (or negative rapid COVID test), to enter the venue until further notice. More details at

Formed by lead vocalist/lead guitarist Sage Collette, Crooked Looks is a hard stoner-rock band that rides the wave of fierce, fuzzy sounds made popular by Queens of the Stone Age and fellow Pacific Northwest band Soundgarden. Light melodies and firm riffs paired with lyrics that emanate a youthful but ever-knowing and ever-partying spirit stream from this group’s musical subconscious, and in a short span of time Crooked Looks has proven themselves worthy of a spot on the charts. 
 Collette delivers his hot riffs with intensity as his unique voice hypnotizes with stories of love’s possibilities in the quick and firey single “Change,” while proving he can carry the range as he slows it down for the smooth ringing tracks “Loose” and “In Another Light” off the band’s first album, “Ultrasonics” (2018). 

Spooky Boys is Portland’s premier indie/ surf rock group featuring jangly dripping wet guitars, relentless driving rhythm, and insatiable catchy melodies. The ‘Boys bring a fun and undeniable charisma to their energetic shows that leave crowds no choice but to dance along. Founded in the pandemic dark times, songwriters Danny Nelson and Cal Berk wove together their love for aughts-indie and 60’s surf into something new. Treating vocals and guitars as equal parts create a smorgasbord of melodic treats. Now supported by the hard-hitting and unquestionably punchy drumming of Skyler Weaver, the Spooky Boys hit Portland by storm in the fall of 2021 releasing their double self-titled EP and quickly leaving their stamp on the local music scene. Recently Spooky Boys adopted bassist Cris Whitcomb into the fold and released their new single “Red Suzuki” on Easter 2022 along with a music video. Currently they just finished recording their new EP at Portland’s beloved Jackpot studio, and plan to unveil it in the summer while continuing to woo PNW audiences.

By way of Juneau, AK and now calling Seattle home, Lovely Colours have an unmistakeable dynamic sound – you’ll know it when you hear it – and if you don’t know them yet, get on board. Packed with catchy hooks and jammy guitar riffs, there’s no doubt Lovely Colours will have you dancing through their entire set. Taking inspiration from yesterday’s Brit Pop and today’s Alt-rock the band has been dripping 🔥 singles for the last 9 months including “Things You Do” and most recently the can’t-believe-it’s-not-on-the-radio, “Figure it Out.” Lead singer Devin Damitio’s on-stage swagger and gorgeous vocals are unmatched for a band this early in their career and the energy that runs through the rest of the band will undoubtedly leave you at the edge of your seat.