Crystal Quartez, Gemini Moon, Asa Nakagawa, Antemano – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Sunday, December 11
Doors: 8pm
$10 to $15

Masks encouraged by request of the artists.

Crystal Quartez is a multimedia artist who’s work focuses on redirecting modern technology toward sacred relationality. They create “Restorative Noise” by organizing drones and rhythms of mechanical life, natural voices, and digital timbres into a texture rich electronic dance music. These complex sonic realms are windows into shared networks of reality, often separated by borders, time, and perception. Recently, their work has involved collecting live biodata from plants and static data from climate change, to translate these numbers and electrical impulses into sound.

Gemini Moon is the solo project of multimedia artist Jen Tam. It is a reflection of the past, ancestral secrets and release, and time spent and lost in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Using digital elements, live loops and vocal sampling, Gemini Moon builds a nostalgic soundscape reminiscent of 90s r&b radio jams with a wash of noise.

Asa Nakagawa is an intuitive player and self-taught experimental, ambient, electronic musician who began their practice in the early 2010s. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, Asa has lived in the Pacific Northwest and is currently based in Philly. They have used a variety of equipment over the years, but have a penchant for grooveboxes and FM synthesis. Under the moniker Polydactyl, they make more beat-driven and techno tracks. Aside from writing electronic music, they DJ, field record, and make visual art spanning disciplines. Asa released their debut EP “Hex on You” in April 2021, and they are currently writing and recording their first full length record.

Antemano is Ruben Dario, a Puerto Rican musician and writer living in Portland, Oregon. His music can be called Industrial-Pop, or rather a mix of the Synth-Pop’s gloss with the Post-Industrial’s distorted and malleable edges. He’s been self-releasing tapes in small editions since 2018 under different aliases until deciding on the name Antemano on his 2019 EP, his first digital release. In 2020 he followed with another EP called Vertebra. And in 2021 he was published in the compilation Medicine for a Nightmare as a musician and as a writer. Said compilation got a featured article in The Wire’s November Issue of the same year.