DoublePlusGood, My Body, Motor Vue – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, March 20
Doors: 8pm
DoublePlusGood is the long-running romantic-pop project of Portlanders Erik Carlson, Shawn Michael Thornhill, Jacob Marsh and Cole Johnston. Known shimmering layers of production, the band has created a sound that beautifully combines melancholy crooner with dreampop textures. Vocals and power trio combined, audiences are transported to a 1960s era romance film where the protagonist can’t get enough jukebox slow jams. 

My Body: Jordan Bagnall is a human woman who writes songs kind of all the time since pretty much forever. My Body is a band name that started out as a joke that Darren Bridenbeck made in 2011. Sometimes it sounds dancey, or sad or soft, but mostly it sounds like Jordan making songs in whatever way she’s figured out how.

Motor Vue is a four piece Portland, OR rock ‘n roll outfit drenched in soaring melodies, midwest drawl, and exhaust fumes. Sounds like if The Boss grew up listening to The Strokes and The Killers instead of Dylan. 

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