Fleetmac Wood presents: Silver Storms Ball – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Thursday, October 26
Doors: 8:30pm

Not a tribute, but a rave and AV show that reworks the classic-rock sound of the Mac into a spectrum of electronic genres. Remixes of the hits and plenty of deep-cuts ready for the chiffon-filled dance floor. This is a tunnel-visioned, all-night journey. If you don’t like Fleetwood Mac, Stand Back, Stand Back.

Since 2012, DJs Roxanne Roll and Alex Oxley have been hosting their tunnel-visioned event and celebrating the extensive back catalogue of Fleetwood Mac. With a curated and created assortment of remixes and edits they’ve shared their passion with like-minded hedonists at some of the best festivals and clubs in the world. Glastonbury to Robot Heart (Burning Man), from Printworks London to Kantine am de Berghain. 

Sounds like: https://bit.ly/fmwvol9
Feels like: https://bit.ly/fmwsolvid 

Instagram: http://bit.ly/fmwinsta 

Mailing list sign up to access the Fan Presale!:   https://bit.ly/fmwssbmc

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