LASKA, Amos Heart, Kenzy Peach – 21+

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, December 06
Doors: 8pm


LASKA is fronted by sisters Hannah and Mookie Morton who write beautifully self-aware and earnest songs. The melancholy, harmony-driven sound draws from the midwestern heartland just as much as the West coast and continues to evolve as their landscape changes. Both sisters contribute to the writing and have a way of leaving you at the beck and call of a song’s emotional territory. Haunting, reflective, and lovely. Since their formation in 2016, the band has seen many iterations on the stage. Their sound blends rugged guitar, synthesizers, and pedal affected violins, bringing listeners from song-in-your-bedroom intimacy to vast moments in sonic canyons. Today, LASKA is based in Portland, OR and Hannah and Mookie are backed by Will Dowden on drums and Steve Harrington on bass

Amos Heart is a singer-songwriter based in Oregon. His debut record The House on the Hill explores the life of the young songwriter, and dives into the various facets of life that make someone whole. Accompanied by Ann Annie’s ambient patches, The House on the Hill melds folk and indie pop with a dream like wonder of nostalgia.

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